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Sexual Dependancy Restoration – Breaking Free From Dependancy

Sexual Addiction Recovery – Breaking Free From Addiction

Breaking free from any addiction passes through a liberating process. It takes one day at a time, step by step, to make progress. The process may be slow but the expected results are met. Anyone who breaks free becomes a better and more beautiful person just like a caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly after a brief ugly experience in the cocoon. The same is true for anyone who is into sexual addiction recovery program.

Anyone who has been chained to compulsive and addictive behavior must realize that it is possible to be free from it as long as he recognizes that he has a problem at all. Being ready to change is essential to be able to walk towards the light of freedom.

When people try to change, most of the time they have the tendency to focus on the problem rather the solution. And that is a mistake because looking straight and determined to reach the end result is the best and safest way to go.

It will be helpful to start the road to recovery from sexual addiction with an honest evaluation of the current situation. The vision is to be free from compulsion so even if an evaluation seems distasteful and leaves a feeling of invaded privacy, knowing the truth will set the mind and leave a target destination: freedom.

When you have acknowledged the present situation, the next step is to picture in your mind what it is like to be in a relationship with your God, yourself, and family & peers. Imagine how it will look like when you control your urges rather than the other way around.

Having a vision in your mind is like a fluid that evolves over time. It can only get better when you continue to think of more beautiful ways to live your life. Make it a daily habit to close your eyes and think of this vision that is light and good and at the same time more vivid with colors & other things that will touch all the senses. When you are at a crossroad and the urge arrives again, think of these visions so you will be snapped back to your goal, the bigger picture. When you have perfected the daily exercise, an inner voice will be cultivated until your vision becomes a reality.

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