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SEO Copywriting Services – Work-from-Home, Earn Good Money & Recession-Proof Your Career?

Looking for a recession-proof career that is high-paying, easy to start and where you can most likely work from home? Look no further than the seo (search engine optimization) industry – it’s where the jobs are – plain and simple.

One of the easiest careers to start in the seo industry is one where you offer seo copywriting services. Proof?

“The “Elance Index,” looks at the top 100 skills in today’s online job market. The results arrive from more than 100,000 jobs posted on Elance in recent months, making it a credible barometer of online hiring trends. . . . [employers are looking for workers with] skills in graphic design, social media and search engine optimization (seo) . . . Writers are also in demand . . .

In fact, seo copywriters and others in this niche (eg, web writers, content writers, article writers) are ranked high on the list, ie:

[seo] Content Writing occupies the #2 spot;

[seo] Article Writing occupies the #3 spot; and

[seo] Copywriting and Creative Writing occupy the 12th and 13th spots respectively.

What Skills Do I Need to Offer seo Copywriting Services

Now that you know the opportunities are there, you may be wondering, “What skills do I need to enter this career?” The funny thing is . . . not that much – if you’re willing to do some research and grasp some key concepts. Following are four must-have skills:

Writing Skill: And I’m not talking about the writing skill of a university professor. If you can write clear, concise, grammatically correct copy — you can offer seo copywriting services. Look at content on large article directories like EzineArticles. Many of these are seo articles – and a lot of them are not that great to be honest.

seo Basics: You need to have a key understanding of things like keywords, keyword density and backlinks. Don’t let the terms scare you. These concepts are so easy to grasp once you read up on them that even a 10-year old can understand them.

Research Skill: Many of the things you will write about when you provide seo copywriting services will be subjects you have no idea about. BUT, via the web, you will be able to easily research and come up with an informative, easy-to-read 300-500 word article, the normal length of most seo articles.

Marketing Ability: If you’re going to offer seo copywriting services, then you’re going to have to know how to market your business (for that’s what you’ll be starting – a freelance writing business).

However, it’s relatively easy because all of your marketing can be done on the web – for free!

Why seo Copywriting Is an In-Demand Skill

According to industry experts, as many as 100,000 new websites go live on the web every day. And what do they all need? Content; specifically seo content. And they need a continuous flow of it to keep leads and sales pouring in.

By providing web entrepreneurs with professional seo copywriting services, you can build a successful freelance writing business in no time.

Learn more seo-copywriting-services-industry”>about seo copywriting and the state of the industry.


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