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SEO Advice: Top 10 Offsite SEO Tips To Improve Your Website Rankings


While comparing offsite and onsite seo, remember that both play significant roles in a website’s visibility. Although both approaches are complementary, there is more value in offsite optimisation. Go through the tasks listed below and complete them, keeping in mind that your objective is to build an online presence so that search engine spiders will recommend you confidently. If your website contains reliable names, they will improve your rank in SERPs.

1. Article marketing

Select keywords for your articles wisely and create catchy titles. Familiarise yourself with and use appropriate article structure by following recommendations by well-reputed article sites like GoArticles and Ezine.

2. Go social

Create a presence on popular social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. You can choose any networks that are popular among your usual customers. Be consistent in your posts and publish only relevant, interesting content.

3. Web directories

Enlist your company website with online directories, many of which provide free services to users. You can gain substantial publicity, along with more potential customers. Try DMOZ, Jayde and Viesearch.

4. Set up a blog

Create a blog within your business website and focus on providing valuable insights relevant to your industry. Instead of trying to oversell yourself, offer content that your visitors can find useful and pertinent.

5. Publish PDF reports or short educational ebooks

Creating and publishing useful resource material adds value to your website. Brand the content pages with your logo.

6. Discover forums

Becoming a member of several relevant forums can allow you opportunities to offer valuable insights about your industry and offer appropriate tips.

7. Post comment in various blogs

Look for relevant, well-reputed blogs to post your comments. This is an effective way of building connections with other bloggers and could lead to good quality links for your site eventually.

8. Yahoo Answers

Keep checking Yahoo Answers and post answers to questions that are relevant to your industry or products. This can provide you further exposure and competitive advantages.

9. Discover online communities

Become a member of communities such as Facebook and Google+ or set up your own. Use this forum to share interesting writings and discuss industry related subjects.

10.Explore multimedia

Develop interesting videos and presentations about your products, their usage and about frequently asked questions. You can post photographs and appropriate content on picture and video sharing sites. Some of these could be YouTube, Slideshare, Pinterest, Flickr, Prezi and Instagram.

All these tactics will work together and enable you to improve your SERPs. Your one basic guideline to keep in mind while developing any strategies or links is diversification. Be vigilant and if you notice your competitors doing something at a forum that you do not have a presence on, register immediately and create a profile. You must try to be on the maximum possible number of forums to ensure additional reach.

For more specialist advice always consult with a professional web design company that offers bespoke seo solutions.



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