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Plumbing Points – Causes for Stagnant Water Underneath Decking

Plumbing Issues – Reasons for Stagnant Water Under Decking

After a long day of work, there’s nothing like relaxing on your back deck with a cold drink and enjoying a beautiful sunset. If you’re like many homeowners, you enjoy your deck often – whether for entertaining friends and family or indulging in a quiet evening watching the stars. You can transform your backyard into a private retreat or lively picnic area depending on how you want to spend your down time. The last thing you want to worry about is dealing with unwelcome pests and bacteria that can build up if problems are left ignored. If you find there are more mosquitoes on your deck than friends, there could be a problem with stagnant water under your deck.

How does water accumulate under your deck? If your area experienced a particularly rainy season, that is one possibility. Another is that your deck’s drainage system isn’t working properly. The water, therefore, has nowhere to go. Soon you’ll discover your deck is no longer a place to relax but a place to breed…insects and other creepy crawlies.

So, how do you fix the problem? If you had the deck professionally installed, your first instinct will be to confer with the contractor who did the job. Have them inspect the area to determine the problem and solution. With most decks, it could be a matter of setting up a slope so that water the doesn’t slip through gaps will slide off to one side after a rain or washing.

Now, that will help get the water off the deck, but what about the puddles underneath?

Aside from the obvious bug problem, unattended pooling can lead to algae and weed growth that damages your lawn. If you do not have an under-deck drainage system in place, you will need to install one as soon as possible. These systems are designed to carry water that accumulates under the wood and distributes it evenly through the yard where it can be better absorbed.

If you do not have the means or skills to install such a system yourself, you can discuss your options with a reputable contractor who specializes in outdoor home improvement. If the deck came with the house when you bought it, ask around for referrals and comparison shop.

Don’t let a bunch of biting bugs ruin your time on your backyard deck. With a working drainage system in place, you don’t have to tand for standing water.

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