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Patio Umbrellas Are For Climate Safety and Privateness

Patio Umbrellas Are For Weather Protection and Privacy

Patio umbrellas are not just designed to keep your guests cool during the hot months and dry in the winter months. They can protect you from the harsh UV rays of the sun and also provide privacy. With a great range of different fabrics, colors and sizes available you will be able to find the correct patio that will suit your outdoor decor and home.

Patio umbrellas come in two types. The first are those that slide into the hole in the middle of a patio table. Other stands on their own, usually with either stand or water placed into their base to weight them down in the wind.

The frame is usually constructed from teak oak or aluminum. These materials are durable in the rain and sun. Modern umbrellas have the ability to be tilted towards the sun which enables you to shift the umbrellas shade as the sun moves over the course of the day.

There are a wide range of fabrics available. One of the more common ones are Sunbrella and SolarVsita which both have 98% protection and are resistant against fading. Coolaroo is a unique fabric which not only protects you against the UV rays but also makes the air cooler under the umbrella.

Patio umbrellas are a great way to provide privacy when you are entertaining or relaxing. This is even more important for those people who have other residences close by or have a backyard which is situated so other neighbors see. Using an large umbrella can negate these problems.

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