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Novell Networking Applied sciences Examination

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Novell Networking Technologies Exam

Novell Networking Technologies exam (050-632) is a part of the Novell CNE (Certified Networking Engineer) certificate for Novell Netware 5. It covers a wide range of topics that are essential for each and every network engineer or perhaps administrator for Novell, as well as non-Novell networks.

This exam is aimed to cover the following topics:

Topic # Topic Description

1 OSI reference model and physical and logical topologies that are used in computer networks.

2 Functions of networking devices, starting from NICs and up to routers and gateways.

3 IEEE 802.x standards with the concentration on 802.3, 802.3u, and 802.5.

4 FDDI and its devices.

5 WAN technologies; SLIP, PPP, X.25, Frame Relay, ISDN and ATM.

6 Hubs, Bridges, spanning tree, source-routing bridge, and token ring switches.

7 Dynamic routing protocols; distance vector and link state, and nonroutable protocols.

8 IP address structure, network classes, how to obtain a registered IP address, and registering a domain name.

9 Assigning addresses to hosts along with the function of host names, host tables, and DNS.

10 Subnets, supernets and subnet mask.

11 TCP/IP protocol suite.

12 IP routing and disadvantages of RIP and distance vector routing.

13 Link state routing with IP.

14 Using of protocol analyzers in managing a TCP/IP network.

15 IPv6.

16 Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) and Sequenced Packet Exchange (SPX).

17 IPX routing protocols RIP and SAP and Link State Routing with IPX NLSP and compare RIP/SAP, NLSP, and OSPF functionality.

18 X.500, and LDAP.

When you go through the list above, the first thing that comes to your mind is Network+. That is right. These topics are very much similar to what Network+ covers. And the fact that Novell would accept Network+ instead of this exam for CNE requirements only assures this idea.

One problem in Novell’s 050-632 [] exam is the lack of self-study guides. CramSession [] offers free exam study guide but its not adequate. It does not cover the whole thing. So, if you are thinking of this exam you might consider taking the course. O perhaps you can read Network+ study-guides and go for Novell’s exam.

You might ask why bother going this road when I can do the Network+ exam which is more popular. I might just have the answer for you. It’s the cost. Novell’s 050-632 exam is about half the price of CompTia’s Network+ !!!

I have always thought of CompTia’s exams as expensive. And I do not believe that making the exams more expensive would increase its value.

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