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Muddle and Hoarding – How Weeding My Backyard Helps De-Cluttering

Clutter and Hoarding – How Weeding My Garden Helps De-Cluttering

So you may be wondering, how can weeding a garden help me with de-cluttering? You can use the concepts in weeding to help make it easier to de-clutter.

At my house, there are too many weeds to pull at one time. Pulling weeds gives me a reason to take a break and go outside to enjoy the sunshine and get a sense of fulfillment.

Do What You Want

Sometimes I just pull whatever and whichever weeds I want to wherever they are. I just pull the ones I feel like pulling in that moment.

Do what you prefer to do in the moment. It really is OK to do what you feel like doing. Why not? You’re getting something done, and that’s what’s important. It doesn’t mean that you’ll always be doing this. If you find you aren’t getting things done, then doing anything is better than doing nothing.

Do the Easy Stuff

There is one type of weed that is very easy to pull out by the roots. I enjoy pulling these as it’s so simple and easy to do.

In your home, do the easy stuff. This can be done with micro easy steps in which you just throw away one easy thing or move one item to the correct room.

Do What is Urgent

Weeds that are about to flower are more urgent than others. If I don’t pull these weeds now, then they’ll flower and go to seed. This makes more weeds so the problem gets worse.

Some urgent things to do in de-cluttering are to clean up things that make smells or that have a deadline, such as paying bills.

Make Tools Easy to Reach

I have a gardening tool that helps dig weeds out by the roots, so it doesn’t grow back. I use gloves to pull weeds with thorns. I make sure my tools are easy to reach when I need them.

Organizing tools are hangers, boxes, felt pens for labeling, folders, cleaning supplies, and bill paying materials (pen, checkbook, stamps). Make your tools easy to reach in the rooms you need them.

Do What is Most Embarrassing

I live in a community where many people take walks. So I am embarrassed when they can see weeds and sometimes this is where I pull weeds first. I have other people living with me, so I also think about their feelings of having a nice looking front garden.

In de-cluttering, you may want to focus on making the entryway and living room look good. Where do guests go in your house? De-clutter and straighten up those areas. If you live with others, do what makes them feel better, which could mean your shared bedroom.

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