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Methods to Guarantee That Your Information Middle Is Sustainable

Ways to Ensure That Your Data Center Is Sustainable

There is no denying the fact that dominant technologies, like cloud and big data, have taken the IT world by storm. These technological advancements have presented some entirely new requirements to foster the IT infrastructure, pressurizing the IT professionals to meet escalating clients’ demands without expanding the operating budget. In present business scenarios, IT professionals are putting their best foot forward to streamline the proliferating workloads and support the changing market dynamics with ever-evolving technological advancements. That is why it has become immensely important for IT decision-makers to include the best strategies and techniques which have the potential to support the influx of emerging technologies. Maintaining the balance between advancements and end-users’ expectations will help in improvising the bottom line performance. Well, no CEO would want their business to go down because of any such reasons.

The increasing shape and size of global architectures have compelled the organizations to acknowledge the term terawatt when connoting energy consumption. One terawatt is equivalent to one trillion watts of power. For your information, this figure has become an ideal energy baseline across data centers all over the world.

Adding more to it, according to the estimations made in the previous year, IT infrastructures consumed 416.2 terawatt-hours of electricity, which is approximately 3% of the complete global energy supply.

If this figure seems astounding, don’t worry – it is going to get dispelled in the near future. According to many technology pundits, the demand for power utilization will be tripled during the next decade. Not to mention, if the energy consumption will increase, much of the expenses related to it will also increase.

While most of such servers are making effective use of energy to process e-mails, simplify financial transactions and manage confidential files, there are around 30% of servers that remains underutilized. It has also been noted that, at times, these servers sit completely idle. Furthermore, businesses can save around 3.5 billion kilowatts per hour, just by trimming consumption by half. Undeniably, a host of things has been put on a stake, which has led data center vendors to adopt economical, environment-friendly ‘green IT’ models.

The priority of organizations seems clear:

They are in a quest to invest in solutions such as fuel cells, solar energy, hydropower and various other types of greener and renewable energy sources that have the potential to support existing plus futuristic workloads. Well, companies that emphasize on these efficient resources and set priorities with respect to these resources not only save their extra expenses but also help the environment by reducing carbon footprints to a significant degree. Today, devices possessing the ability to convert chemical energy into electrical energy with the help of fuel cells (through chemical reactions instead of combustion process) are gaining enough traction. In this light, solid oxide fuel cells are being adopted by many IT behemoths, as it possesses the power to convert both oxygen and fuel into power, that too, without undergoing any combustion process. In contrary to the fuel cells that demand expensive metals or corrosive acids, solid oxide fuel cells steals the show, as it helps in reducing the environment-polluting antagonistic forces and delivering clean alternative energy.

IT and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Benefactors

These advanced solutions are helping vendors to seamlessly accord new data center priorities, including hybrid IT that can deliver greater reliability, performance, and returns on investment (ROI). Since these fuel cells do not consume more energy to process the workload – carbon emissions can be reduced by about 50%. To put it into the perspective, these clean and environmental-friendly sources allow data centers to house, manage, and maintain an enormous amount of data coming from the various point of sources. The benefits do not end here; it also helps in meeting escalating clients’ demands in a prudent yet environment-amiable way.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Deliver Best Throughput

Experts predict that with the advent of these eco-friendly fuel cells – the promise of a highly-reliable and performance-driven data center is not a distant dream. However, prior to partnering with a colocation hosting service provider, it is important to ensure the sustainability and green IT roadmap. This new approach will lay a strong foundation for businesses and help them to optimize their energy and other suites of IT resources to meet evolving needs of the new data centers. No to forget, selecting a right solution provider will only help your business to achieve its set business motives, others will take a toll on your growth graph.

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