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Key phrase Permutations – A Google Maccabees Replace

Keyword Permutations – A Google Maccabees Update

There is currently a lot of chatter on all the sites due to the latest Google Maccabees Update.

According to reports this update mainly hits affiliate sites, some are saying this was precise to sites with various categories and sub-categories like e-commerce structures, some are saying it is a bug with the algorithm showing deprived class sites over superior quality sites.

However a lot of people in the business industry are alert of some sites that were affected, so this is your time to be attentive and knows about details. Even you can share your URL with an seo expert and let him whether your site is under changes or not. You can also hire a reputed seo company for the same. This Google Maccabees Update was last seen on December 12, 2017. Early it was noticed to be a minor update but later it became more extensive than the usual update.

There are numerous patterns, not just one, which may denote that numerous updates rolled out, which of course is the Google hit on Google’s algorithmic updates. These updates seem to be worldwide, and thus not only impacting English sites but sites available in all languages and regions.

To confirm these changes even Google also confirmed this that they have released some several slight improvements during this time which are part of our usual and routine efforts to perk up relevancy.

Keyword Permutations

By now, the biggest bulk of sites and landing pages that target massive arrays of keyword permutations are sites with various categories in it like e-commerce sites. So for example, if they are a tour and travel site, they would show all the destinations and also add their prospective landing pages for particular pages. Most of those sites fit the keyword permutations model.

Fred Symptoms

There were also some sites that are low and high ad and affiliate sites which will also undergo changes with this Google Maccabees update. And then there are sites that seemed perfectly designed, well structured, excellent informative content, easy user interface, but still got hit by Google and the reason is still unknown.

In addition to above, there are some security issues related to this Google Maccabees Update. It’s really bad for some of the sites that were good and do not deserve to see such change in their Google organic traffic based on new update analysis. There are several affiliate sites that are still ranking good in search engines. So it’s surely not an affiliate related update.

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