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Journey of the Unique!

Journey of the Exclusive!

From Calabar

In Nigeria

To Calabash

In North Carolina,

In Calabar of my own Nigeria

Also referred to as

Callabar, Calabari, Calbari, Kalabari

A city in Cross River State

Southeastern Nigeria

Original Efik name for Calabar, Atakpa

City watered by Calabar River

And Great Qua Rivers and creeks of the Cross River

The capital of Cross River State

Original town, known as Akwa Akpa

Calabar, large metropolis with several towns




The 16th Century, my Calabar, a recognized International Seaport

Shipping goods like palm oil

A major port in transportation of African slaves

Ships mostly from Bristol and Liverpool merchants

Old Calabari (Duke Town) and Creek Town

Crucial towns in the trade of slaves

African-American writer and slave

John Jea, a son of the Soul

City once shared as seat of Government of the Niger Coast Protectorate

Southern Protectorate and Oil River Protectorate

City of my Calabar boasts of

First Social Club in Nigeria

The African Club

Hosted the first competitive

Football, cricket and field Hockey games nationwide

My city houses first Roman Catholic Mass

Held at 19 Bocco Street, Calabar, 1903

And oldest Secondary School

Hope Waddel Training Institute, 1895

The School, later proudly produce

First President of Nigeria

Nnamdi Azikiwe

We also boast of International Museum

A Botanical Garden, Cultural centre, Free Trade Zone

Sea port, International Airport, Integrated Sports Stadium

And one of the most prominent Universities

One of the most prestigious black Universities in the world

The University of Calabar, my Alma Mater

The place of my first degree

A honorable degree in Computer Science

A place I learnt from intellect like

Prof. Z. Lipcsey and Dr. C.E. Onwukwe

University of Calabar in Calabar

A place where I grew from a boy to a man

A place where I was equipped and encouraged to

Function, research and engage in collaborative projects

In wide professional contexts

A place where I was prepared to face the challenges of

Modern computer technology

A place where I was prepared to rule my world

Experiences from University of Calabar

My superb stay at 7 Mayne Avenue Ext. Calabar

And incomparable experiences of the Calabar Culture

Enhanced my creativity and innovations

To build my kingdom and empower many attain freedom

Experience the annual Calabar Carnival

Calabar of three principal landlord kingdoms

The Qua Kingdom of ejagham; bantu origin

The Efut and the Efik kingdoms

The Qua Kingdom with the

Ndidem as the Grand patriarch

The Efut with the Muri munene

As the Grand patriarch

And the Efik Kingdom`s patriarch

Called The Obong

Calabar, also headquarters of

Eastern Naval Command

Calabash, the pride of North Carolina

North Carolina, a state in the eastern united states

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, South Carolina,

Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia

Calabash in North Carolina

A small fishing town in Brunswick County

Wholesome Calabash, a pride in itself as

Seafood capital of the World

Because of town’s large amount of

Calabash-Style Seafood restaurant

Calabash, part of Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area

Named after gourds that grow in my region

Used for drinking

Calabash, known for distinctive style of fried seafood

Known as Calabash-style

My style’s buffets, common in

Eastern Carolina coastal towns

1998, large portion of my town split

To form town of Carolina Shores

Current Town Hall located

882 Persimmon Road SW

Trace the map from

Calabar to Calabash.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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