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Java Manuscript Framework Functions for Lazy Developers

Javascript a trademark of Sun Microsystems is an object-oriented scripting language widely used to enable programmatic access to computational objects within a host environment along with run-time evaluation and dynamic typing made it the first choice of developers. A JavaScript framework creates a magic while working on java-scripting. Below is the real cheesy stuff for all JavaScript developers, a must use JavaScript frameworks. is an ad on for prototype, while prototype is a java frame work. Assist developers to develop the dynamic website. This ad on facilitates the developer with tranquil cross browser user interface java libraries such as animation, drag and drop, AJAX controls, etc. to create stunning websites and web apps in a jiffy just like IKEA, CNN, NASA.

JQuery – Java script Frame work:

JQuery is a revolution in Java Script library. A hasty and succinct java script library used by many popular web giants like Google, digg and Technorati etc. JQuery simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animation and AJAX interaction for quick and smooth web development.

DOJO JavaScript frame work:

Get Dojo to create inspiring and superlative desktop and mobile apps. Create enterprise grade apps with grids and charts, or use dojo’s lightweight core to create animations, easy CSS syntax query and use this to manipulate the DOM. For mobile and desktop Dojo API is there with HTML5 capabilities such as Geolocations, touchscreen and much more.

Sencha Ext JS4 framework:

Sencha Ext cross-browser JavaScript frame work to build rich web apps. Generate touch charts embedded with gesture-based interactions, GLOSSY animations and many other supple styling options for your data’s maximum usability. is a cloud service that facilitates you to send data to mobile devices faster and with cost cutting.

Prototype JavaScript framework:

A complete power packed JavaScript framework, a true codebase of choice for web app developers around the globe. Prototype features unique, easy to use toolkit for class driven development along with nicest AJAX library.

Uize Javascript Framework:

Uize JavaScript framework is an open source, comes with enormous features. Uize is a server agnostic, totally user dependent and can be used at any platform and server language like Java (Apache TomCat), C# (IIS / ASP.NET), Visual Basic (IIS / ASP), C/C++, Perl (Perl / Apache), PHP, Ruby (Ruby on Rails), Python, etc. Uize supports mobile devices and comes with built-in widgets slideshow, calendar, date picker, slider, marquee, dialog, menu, mag view and much more. Enriched with many prevailing features such as JavaScript Animation, JavaScript Inheritance, JavaScript Events, JavaScript Modules, JavaScript Libraries, JavaScript Templates, JavaScript Widgets, JavaScript Localization, JavaScript Documentation, JavaScript Code Compression, and JavaScript Build Scripts. Uize does not extend native objects and in active development.

Qooxdoo JavaScript Framework:

A universal JavaScript framework, aid you to create enormous application on numerous platforms. It uses object-oriented programming model which helps create innovative RIAs (rich internet applications). An open source, advanced yet easy to implement user interfaces. Create easy and interactive appearances even if you do not have strong command over HTML and CSS. Supports developer with an advanced client server communication develops an abstract transport layer supports queues, timeouts and implementations via XMLHttp Request, I frames and Scripts.

Zepto.js JavaScript frame work:

Compact JavaScript framework for mobile webkit (Safari etc) browsers with a JQuery compatible syntax. Helps you focus more on your creation with a 2-5k library that handles most basic drudge work with a nice API.

DHTMLX Touch Javascript Framework

DHTMLX touch JavaScript framework compatible with all major browsers for mobile platforms that supports HTML 5. A complete set of frame works that allow to create striking and vigorous web applications for mobile and touch devices like iPhone, iPad and Android etc.

YUI Library

Industrial strength JavaScript library build by yahoo front end engineers and global contributors. A Power pack, scalable, fast and robust library with complete set of java script, CSS utilities and controls. Helps developers to build rich and interactive web apps using DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX techniques. Another free library developed under BSD license.

JavaScript MVC framework:

Open source and collection of best practices and tools for building innovative JavaScript application. Included with these standalone components stealJS, FuncUnit, JQueryMX and Document JS. A framework with complete testing solutions, build large JQuery block, or turns your comments into a searchable document application.

SPRY JavaScript framework:

SPRY is especially for those who are not a JavaScript guru. SPRY is a JavaScript frame work that enables a rapid AJAX powered web apps. Any server-side technology (ColdFusion, PHP, ASP.Net etc.) is compatible with Spry. Separate the User Interface from back-end logic using Spry when building the front end of the web app. working with Spry is so easy that anyone with basic web development skill can create the web app for next generation. Spry is designed as it looks like an extension of HTML and CSS.

MooTools Java script frame work:

MooTools is a squashed, modular JavaScript frame work using the precise Object-Oriented approach helpful for the intermediate to advanced JavaScript developer. Its well documented, elegant and coherent API allows developer to write cross browser powerful yet flexible code.

MooTools code undergoes with strict standards and doesn’t throw any warnings. It’s extensively documented and has meaningful variable names. The reason it provides a joyful browsing.

SproutCore JavaScript framework:

Sproutcore is a great example of open source for building mind boggling and innovative web apps to create a great user experience. Use the power of HTML5 to leverage the latest web technologies compatible with all browsers.

ASP.NET JavaScript framework:

ASP.NET is a free frame work can assist the developer to create fully interactive, customizable JavaScript API, sorting, filters, grouping to tree, and give you calculations like Excel embedded web apps. That is perfectly compatible with every web browser.

Rialto JavaScript framework:

Rialto is a toolkit for rich application totally technology independent that’s why easily encapsulated in JSP, JSF, Net, Python or PHP graphic components. Completely Ajax based and cross browser widgets library. The pro for Rialto developer is he does not have to be an expert of DHTML, AJAX and DOM code.


All these frameworks are for those adventures developers who keep on exploring new tools in the JavaScript arena. YUI, JQuery and Prototype are probably the famous one, but the rest are there yet to explore.

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