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It Is Time To Embrace The Tremendous Power And Potential Of Zero Point Energy

Being a scientific concept, the existence of zero point energy is not controversial although the ability to harness it is. ZPE is determining ways to tap into those real and always available sources of energy.

This is the revolutionary-age energy that’s not just clean and eco-friendly, and also, extremely cost-effective. As zero point energy is so clean and green, many appliances throughout the home are using it to become more efficient and also companies are setting out to utilize huge generators to cut costs and achieve their environmental targets.

Zero-point and connective physics energy generating devices require no fuel of any kind to burn, transform, and otherwise modify — and thus leave no waste products. Just like recent experiments in quantum physics have shown connectedness between particles with information exchanged at speeds many times that of the speed of light. So the conclusion and experimental confirmation of the inertial field and also the zero-point field theories will inevitably transform our view of the universe.

Yoshiro Nakamatsu claims his house is powered by “cosmic energy”, whose source is charged particles (similar to the nuclei of atoms) arriving from outer space in rays at roughly the speed of light. A black “antenna” that covers the majority of one exterior wall collects this energy, that is so prolific he winds up selling the excess to Tokyo Electric Power.

Quantum science within the 20th century revealed the presence of an all-pervasive background sea of quantum energy within the universe. The existence of the zero point field has been known in the quantum science community for a very long time, but most scientists simply ignored its relevance.

Their scientific discoveries and theories are controversial in the eyes from the established science community who are holding on to the old paradigm that our world can and eventually is going to be fully explained by a mechanical model from the universe. It is why science today only knows the classical electromagnetic wave that is a transverse wave.

Their invaluable contribution to science is finally recognized by pioneers who now realize the energy shortage in this world is building to a climax. Zero point energy would be the missing piece which completes the picture, possibly ushering a “Second Coming” of science. In science and science fiction, zero point energy is usually stated in the concept of extracting energy from the vacuum.

This type of science fiction-like possibility could someday become real and have a profound impact on propulsion and space travel. The theories behind some of these “new” types of energy production have been around for a very long time and have absolutely historically met considerable opposition from traditional science and engineering. Unfortunately, the efforts lack both governmental and traditional science support.

Our top scientific researchers believe that if we are able to harness the large amount of energy available at the zero point, then we will be able to accomplish amazing things, like fully power an entire building for hardly any cost at all. It wasn’t until quite recently that they found an easy method to control this energy for powering a home.

Free energy devices, like permanent magnetic generators, are finally allowing us to appreciate the dream of tapping into, and controlling, this magnificent power.

Once completed, you will possess the ability to harness zero point energy and entirely power your household. For anyone looking for a complete free energy product to power their households or business which has no emissions and calls for tiny to no upkeep, then the newest technology in zero point magnetic is for you.

Within the next decade, this technology may just be a lot more routine compared to what solar and wind power is today. The reason behind this would be that the power created by these magnetic devices exceeds the energy needed in order to maintain them, and in the end it is free and clean.


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