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Is It Possible to Point Multiple Domain Names to My Website?

The answer to this question is, yes. Yes, you can point multiple domain names to your website. But, why are people doing this? Most website owners want to make sure that they are visible at the three most dominant domain extensions, which are dot com; dot org; and dot net. Being visible in all three extensions is crucial if the site owner wants to build his site using any of the other extensions other than dot com. This is basically done for competition purposes. However, there is a downside to this strategy; you might fall in a bottomless pit. There is a great possibility for visitors to misspell or misremember you name. If your domain name has a noun that can either be plural or singular, you need to register both plural and singular forms. So, if you will work on this path, there is an endless possibility for mistakes and registering all those possible names will burden you instead of developing your site.

Another downside using this strategy is the possibility of having a search engine problem, which is popularly known as duplication in content. Searchers or visitors will find you at several links and this may pose a concern for you. Search engines like Google is dependent on the number of links going to your site in order to rate its importance. Therefore, with this strategy, you have successfully divided the different links going to your site, among three unique URLs. The result would be, not even one of your URLs will make it to the first page of the search engine.

If you already have encountered this problem or you are considering using this strategy, do not be alarmed. A reversal or solution is available for this concern. Experts have found ways how to let the search engine identify that the different unique domain names are directing to your website. You can either search on your own to reverse or solve this problem by reading updates from magazines, books and online news. You may also opt to hire web experts to do it for you. The experts will not only solve your problem, they can also help you with your other concerns. Your choice will depend on your capabilities and priorities.


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