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Hydroponic – Steady Circulate Resolution Tradition

Hydroponic – Continuous Flow Solution Culture

Hydroponics today has become one among the most widely accepted procedures around the world, as the results are rapid and brings about high yields when compared to the conventional mode of cultivation. The avoidance of soil has brought in a lot of advantages to plants bringing in healthier nutrition for the human body.

Hydroponic techniques involve three main nutrient solutions, which are:

1. Static solution culture

2. Aeroponics

3. Continuous flow solution culture

Continuous flow culture

In this technique the nutrient liquid provided for the plants constantly flows around the roots. Continuous flow solution is a lot easier to mechanize when compared to static culture since adjustments and sampling to the varying temperature level and the concentration level can be done easily in a big reservoir that feeds potentially numerous plants.

A well-known alternative of this technique is nutrient film technique by which a very low flow of water consisting of all the essential nutrients for the plant development is re-circulated around the uncovered roots of the plant in a waterproof solid root mat. This root mat is developed at the base of the canal and has the upper surface almost damp and suspended in air. Consequently, there is an ample contribution of oxygen to the plant roots. The correct canal slope along with the correct stream speed and the correct canal length can designate a proper nutrient film technique.

The biggest advantage of nutrient film technique is that the growth of the plant is uncovered to ample supply of water, nutrients and oxygen. Other variety of creation brings in a deficiency and a divergence among the various supplements of nutrients and the requirements of essential elements resulting in a disproportion of the whole composition. This design structure provides a great system for strong plant development and an effective cultivation system. The consequence of this technique brings in high yield and exceptionally nutritious crops.

However, one must remember that while applying the nutrient film technique a little negligence or carelessness in the power outrage or any other elements might result in negative impacts. Nutrient film technique has been considered one among the most practical techniques, as a total control on the concentration level of the nutrient solution along with the adjustment and automation of the temperature brings in better convenience. Hydroponic conditions has resulted in no pollution of nutrients which otherwise may be released into the environment and caused severe health problems. With a control system like this, high yields and stability of the crop is much higher than the average estimate. The positive reviews of the same bring in more credibility.

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