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How To Make a Web site With an On-line Web site Builder

How To Make a Website With an Online Site Builder

How To Make a Website With an Online Site Builder

Let’s look at 7 important questions to take into consideration before deciding to use these online site builder applications.

1. Will you be guided through each stage on creating the website?

For users who don’t know how to make a website, it’s important to confirm the availability of a step by step tutorial (either on the corresponding company website or within the software itself) that will take you through the whole process of creating your site. It would be quite displeasing to commit to a software program and then find out that there’s little or no support offered by the respective company to deal with any queries or technical issues. A 24/7 customer support is crucial to the success of your website project as it gives you the assurance that there’s always help at hand whenever you have problems or decide to publish your site.

2. Is the online website builder easy to use?

Okay, so there’s customer support at hand, but it can also be quite frustrating to have to continually contact the help line whilst using an online website builder. An overcomplicated program is just as problematic as trying to build a website using purely HTML coding. The best thing is for users to try the demo version (which should be available) to make your own website for free and test it’s versatility. Some demo versions might not have the full functions but shouldn’t require any downloading. This is enough to give a taste of what the program can do for individuals that have no technical expertise.

3. Are the templates of high quality?

As you will mainly be focusing on changing the content of pre-existing templates, users should be able to choose from a wide range of professional website designs. Decent online website builders normally have over 500 high quality templates to make your own website, which gives a possible theme combination of over 4000. This will ensure that one gets a customized version of whatever template you select. There should also be samples of websites created using the online application on the company website, so users can see for themselves if they are well designed.

4. Can you create a blog?

To create a blog can benefit your website venture, with regards to relationship building, viral marketing, product development, improving operations and brand building. Most online website builders, focus mainly on the website design. If you don’t know how to make a blog; it’s important to ensure that the site builder allows the creation of a one either on its own or incorporated into the website being built. You might have to initially create your site and then integrate the blog via your control panel which is set up automatically when you sign up.

5. Can you add an Ecommerce cart?

Users who plan on selling online through their website should know that an ecommerce cart is no longer an option, but an absolute necessity for the success of your online business. The web hosting package (which should be included and is discussed shortly) must be fully ecommerce enabled and come packed with advanced ecommerce features and script. This will give users the ability to provide customers with a secure online shopping experience. There should be options of integrating e commerce solutions such as Zen Shopping Cart, osCommerce Shopping Cart, CubeCart and Agora Shopping Cart plus much more.

6. Is there any search engine optimization?

Don’t just build a website that gathers dust on the World Wide Web as some site builders create old standard, over complicated code with regards to the designing & search engine optimization. The reputable ones due to their simplicity will make lots of well laid out content. They are designed to give users that professional seo touch in producing perfectly structured, hand code quality sites, very quickly. Websites that do not perform in the search engines are probably not made with well structured code. If a site is not made with clean, light weight code then it may not work in all the latest web browsers or wide range of mobile devices.

7. What web hosting package is provided?

Well needless to say, once the user has finished designing their site using the online website builder, it then needs to be published. The corresponding company website offering the program should make this part of the process as efficient and effortless as possible. Lots of sites state that they are the top rated web hosting company, offering “free” websites using their site builder on the internet, but the catch is that the user is setup with a sub-domain, limited web pages and not enough bandwidth or disk space. Not many offer the users free domain name registration and web hosting with unlimited features such as bandwidth, disk pace, Emails, MySQL databases and more.

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