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House Treatments For Planters Warts

Home Remedies For Planters Warts

You do not have to go to a pharmacy or consult with a doctor to help treat troublesome planters warts. In fact, some people found home remedies for planters wart problems more effective and more relieving than those remedies that they got from a physician or from so-called experts in the field of wart removal. We are not discounting the veracity of the cures that pharmaceutical companies and doctors give for the treatments of warts. We are just showing you that there are some home-made remedies that seem to work better on these planter warts than some OTC or prescribed medication ever could.

What Are Planter Warts?

Also called plantar warts, planter warts are flat warts that appear on the balls or heels of your feet and can be painful or simply annoying, depending on the severity of the infection. These warts are often a result of contracting the virus from public places and having a wound or a break in your skin while in these public places. Usually, you get these warts from public showers, public swimming areas and the like. A planter’s wart often looks like a callous or a corn but can be distinguished by some obvious signs or symptoms. These warts often have black spots seen within the clusters of warts and often have clear edges as compared to callouses that seem to be one whole entity. Planter warts can be pretty tough to treat and may take a while to remove if they reproduce as fast as you treat them. Treatments for these warts may include medicated foot cushions, liquids or creams and even liquid nitrogen that freezes the wart and causes it to fall off after a few days or so. Some of these warts can be pretty painful when you step on them and may require utmost care and patience to get them to disappear.

Home-made Remedies for Planter Warts

While you can purchase OTC remedies for your planter warts or use your hand, face and skin wart removers on it just for the sake of trying if these work, you can actually use home-made remedies for this rather bothersome and sometimes painful growth on your feet. There are a lot of natural home-made remedies you can use on these oftentimes tough to remove warts and the following remedies have been tried and tested by the people who have suffered from this ailment and survived to tell their tales.

1. Aloe Vera and Cotton Balls – You start this treatment by cleaning or washing and drying the foot with the planters warts on it. You then take some pure aloe vera gel and liberally apply this on your planter’s wart. After applying the aloe on the wart, wash it off and apply some more aloe on a cotton ball. Bandage the cotton ball over the warts and do this for a few days until the warts fall off. Continue this regimen until your planters warts disappear totally.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar and Key Lime Treatments – This requires a huge amount of vinegar, a gallon every night for soaking your feet in. After you soak your feet in the vinegar, have them dry up naturally and wipe the warts with a cut lime and place a lime soaked cotton ball over it and hold this cotton ball in place with a band-aid or bandage. Do this for a week or until the warts dry up and fall off.

You can use these home remedies for planters wart problems, or you can try and find other cures that are more effective for your wart issues.

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