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High 10 Methods to Save Water in Your Panorama

Top 10 Ways to Save Water in Your Landscape

Water conservation should be everyone’s job. If you don’t want to be called a “tree-hugger” then think of this challenge as a way to save money. Every once and a while, the two go hand-in-hand. Everyone knows to fix a leaky faucet or to not take long showers, but how many of us can come up with 10 ways to save water outside? Think about this for a moment and then check your list with ours.

1. Use a water barrel. About 50-70% of all water use is for outside watering of your lawn and garden. Why not use the run-off from your roof to irrigate your petunias, roses and lawns? These are so simple to make and can easily be put up in a single Saturday afternoon. Typically 55 gallon plastic drums are used, but there are also some decorative designs which will not only save water, but add appeal to your landscape.

2. Point your sprinklers toward your grass and not the road or driveway.

3. Use soaker hoses to cut down on evaporation loss. Also, water in the early mornings before the sun comes out. The hotter outside, the more evaporation you’ll experience.

4. Only plant flowers and grass that is native to your area. These are climatized to your region and will require less watering by you. They thrive in their natural environment with your area’s typical rainfall. Do not plant lush tropicals that require a lot of water if your natural climate can’t support them.

5. Don’t mow your yard down to the nub. Keep the grass a little longer to make it healthier and able to retain moisture more efficiently.

6. Don’t use a water hose to clear debris or dirt from a driveway, use a blower or outdoor broom instead.

7. Add plants to your garden in the fall, when it’s cooler and rains more frequently. Planting in early summer means you’ll be watering them everyday for a couple of weeks until they get established.

8. Plant groundcover or shrubs on slopes instead of grassy turf.

9. Compost more of your household stuff. Each time you use the garbage disposal you waste water. Composting also helps the garden plants become healthier and more tolerant to drier conditions.

And the last way to save money on your landscape is…, you guessed it, get another water barrel.

10. Use multiple water barrels. The more sources of free water you can have, the better.

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