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Hexed: The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne

Hexed: The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne

Hexed: The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne

I am impressed with Hearne’s knowledge of magic. As with the first book in this series, Hounded, this fantasy, is intriguing as the hero, a 2000 year old Druid living in present day Arizona, fights evil forces.

We learn the power of the spells and the time it takes to bind and create them. We learn the power of the earth that flows through the Druid as he stands barefoot on the grass. We learn that the witches and werewolves, living disguised as seemingly normal consultants and lawyers, each have different powers and need to call upon one another in fighting the demons unleashed in the city.

There is too much violence in this story, however. The first book in the Chronicles had less unnecessary brutality. Here the author overdoes the fighting, even to conquer the evil. And there is less of a plot and a too-obvious set-up for the third book in the series. Yet, as before, something draws me to read the next installment.

I love the fact that of Druid’s insistence on taking care of the land that was scorched in the first book. Despite threats to his life, and, yes, even a 2000 year old being can be extinguished, he insists on staying in the area to restore the land. We need more, or some, modern day Druids to care for our earth and re-cultivate areas we have ruined. The moral strength of Atticus O’Sullivan is one of my attractions to the story.

Another is that the character makes me laugh. I always admire authors who can do that. Atticus loses his ear in one violent fight but gets it restored by one of the attractive witches he has known over the many years. The price he pays, though, is one of rough sex with this ancient women. With sex often on his mind, Atticus is attracted by the breasts of his assistance, a Druid-in-training, and he must focus his thoughts on baseball statistics to distract his attention. The disguised witches living in Arizona make a living by working as consultants, and through their spells they simply make the corporations think they do work for the large compensation received. I admire all of Hearne’s humor and creativity.

An event that made me sit back and think involved the Druid asking a religious woman friend to pray to the Virgin Mary to help him in one of his ventures to rid the city of the threatening demons. Her faith manifests Mary who agrees, after much negotiation, to assist by blessing the arrows needed in the fight, which only someone with her powers can do. Hearne understands that prayers are answered if we believe. What is familiar to us is what works. All faiths are valid, and there are powers within each that are necessary and needed. What a nice thought.

Magic, humor, care of the earth, the power of the earth, the power of faith, and the strength of combined powers add to a creative fantasy. Despite its flaws, the story allows us to imagine a different world. We need to do that more often.

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