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Gate Internet Internet hosting Supplier Opinions

Gate Web Hosting Provider Reviews

Gate Web Hosting Provider Reviews

As a hosting provider has received excellent reviews, not just from their customers, but also from product analysts within the hosting industry. has been around since the beginning of the World Wide web and was the first hosting provider to employ clustering technology to their hosting applications. Because of their experience and high standard of customer support is one of the largest and most successful hosting providers on the market today. Here’s a closer look at some of the review results. offers five different hosting plans to meet any business or personal needs beginning with the Ultimate Power Pack for $4.98 per month. This starter plan includes such features as site building tools, unlimited domain aliases and monthly transfers, Microsoft SharePoint, web analytics, language support for Linux, and much more. The other four plans have these same features as well, but also include components like search engine optimization, larger disk space, and streaming media to mention a few attributes of the more expensive packages.

One of the hallmarks of is their reliability. As a hosting provider is one of the most reliable hosting providers available. They are reliable because they know that their number one responsibility, to their customers, is to keep websites operational and visible on the World Wide web. After all that’s what the customer is paying them for. And to ensure that no website suffers losses as a result of down time, employs multiple servers. If a hardware failure is encountered in one server, another picks up the service to keep websites operational at all times.

Customer support is also something that values highly. They care about the new kid on the block as much as they care about those that have been around for awhile. For the new website owner provides comprehensive training on their website and an efficient customer care system. Part of their customer care includes an expert team of technicians that can be reached at anytime through email or their toll free phone numbers.

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