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Free Vs Paid Organizing – What’s the very best Choice for Your Home Based Business

Free Vs Paid Hosting - What's the Best Option for Your Home Business


Many of us are always in a dilemma while setting up a website for home business only because we are not sure whether free or paid hosting will be the best option for your home business. After all you need to have good hosting service at the same time you need to keep the costs as low. Here are some tips which would help you decide among free vs. paid hosting as the best option for the home business.

Know your business requirement: Before you start searching for the hosting options, you should take a look at the requirements of your business. First look at the business plan and the strategies and then you will understand what type of web hosting will suit you. A free web hosting will be good for you if you are doing a website which is a blog and a paid web host is good for you if you are going for a hardcore business website.

Have an understanding of the hosting options: This is of utmost importance. There are two types of hosting shared and dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is such a type of paid hosting which is perfect for large businesses but for home business it is not perfect. Shared hosting is more affordable and therefore is good for small home based business.

Advantages and disadvantages of free hosting: Free hosting is good for you because there is no cost involved. Moreover there are many good companies which offer free hosting services. If you research well then you might get a good deal. However, free web hosting service providers also give advertisements in your website which might be the advertisement of your competitor or might have obscene content. Another problem is that the free hosting servers are often oversubscribed because of too many websites being loaded in the servers. This would affect the uptime and your business will suffer.

After you go through these then only you should decide on the type of hosting.

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