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Find out how to Keep away from Info Overload and Get Running a blog

How to Avoid Information Overload and Get Blogging

How to Avoid Information Overload and Get Blogging

Are you finding it difficult to achieve your goals, finding that you run out of steam? Struggling to post to your blog? Perhaps you are overloaded? Perhaps you need to look at your time management and see where the problems lie?

You could say that there are 3 main types of overload

1. Information overload

2. Project overload

3. Task overload.

The first Information overload is what it says on the tin. You get all sorts of information thrown at you all the time. It makes you lose focus and there are methods you can try to deal with that.

The second, project overload means that you have so many things on the go at the same time that seem to have the same priority and seem to be equally important. How do you distinguish between them?

The third, task overload is more the day to day overload. You have you medium and long term projects and then you have your day to day projects. Do you feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day? Does your “to do” list just get longer and longer?

These are life issues; they are not specific to internet marketing or blogging. If you can put strategies in place to deal with them you will find you have more time for the important stuff like making money if that is your aim or simply giving yourself more time for equally (or more) important things like family and friends. I don’t pretend I get it right by any stretch of the imagination but as procrastination is my middle name, it’s a battle I fight all the time.

You need to find your gradient. If you are finding things overwhelming, then come down the gradient a bit. If you are finding things a little too easy then march up it a bit more. You have to walk before you can run and you may need to backtrack a little sometimes. If you feel overwhelmed, then break down your task into bite sized pieces. If you are starting a project, don’t just launch in. Why don’t you write a “contents page” If you get into the habit of writing a contents page for some of your bigger tasks or projects, it helps to break it down into more achievable objectives. You can then work on them one at a time but have an overall picture of where you are going. Don’t tackle a steep slope all at once, work up it in degrees.

I guess a rough rule of thumb is, if it doesn’t excite or challenge you then you need to go up a few degrees, if you feel overwhelmed, come back a few notches and break it down a bit more.

You will find breaking down any project or task into those bite size pieces will make it easier to achieve whatever you set out to achieve. If you are thinking about writing an post for your blog for example, list a series of steps, things you want to talk about in bullet points and then revise before you launch in to it. Look at the overall project and then break it down into its component parts. You should find it easier to write faster and with more ease.

Challenging but not overwhelming is the key.

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