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Easy methods to Get Free Internet hosting From YouTube

How to Get Free Hosting From YouTube

Hosting can get expensive. And video hosting can be even more expensive. I have paid as much as $75 per month for video hosting. Was it worth it? Not really. Since then I have always been interested in figuring out ways to lower the cost, but maintain the high streaming quality of say an Amazon S3 account. Not an easy task. But now I have figured out a way to get YouTube to take care of that nasty hosting bill for me.

A little while ago YouTube created a cool feature called Unlisted videos. It gives you the ability to keep a video of of the YouTube search engine and your channel, and share the video with only a certain group of people.

Isn’t that the same as a private video? You may ask.

No. Private videos are meant to be shared with only 25 other people on YouTube. Not only do you have to tell YouTube specifically who can see it by writing down all of the YouTube channel names, you have to be friends with all of them too. Not to mention that once you hit 25… that’s it.

So, while private videos were kinda cool, it was frustrating to use because anyone viewing HAD to have a YouTube account, and they HAD to be friends with you. It was a clumsy system that no one used.

But now with the Unlisted video feature, anyone with the link to that specific YouTube video can watch it regardless of their friend status, or even if they have an YouTube account. The same goes for embedded videos. If you embed an unlisted YouTube video on your site, that is the only place it can be viewed.

Here is how to make any video unlisted.

Before we start, make sure you are logged in.

Step 1) Click on your YouTube name on the home page and select my videos

This will open up your videos in the back end of your account.

Step 2) Pick a video you want to change from public to unlisted and click edit

This will open up the edit feature of your video.

Step 3) Scroll down to Broadcasting and Sharing Options section and click Unlisted

This will also give you a new URL. Use this when you want to share the direct link with people via email or Twitter.

Step 4) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes

Now that the video is Unlisted it’s time to embed the video.

Step 5) Click view video on page

This will open your video were you can get the embedded code.

Step 6) Copy the embed code and paste it into your blog or website

Now you have a video that can’t be found on YouTube, and can only be found on your website!

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