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E-mail Checklist Constructing – Secrets and techniques to Constructing a Massive and Responsive Checklist

Email List Building – Secrets to Building a Large and Responsive List

Email list building is an essential part of marketing your business online. When you build an email list you can market to that list your affiliate and training programs.

There are three key elements to Email list building that you need to have success in building a massive and responsive email list.

Email List Building

To capture your website visitors information, you’ll need a lead capture page or an opt in box. A lead capture page will capture your website visitor’s name email address and phone number and any of the other information you may want to capture. A lead capture page needs to be high converting especially if you want to do paid marketing.

You can either build a lead capture page yourself at a free site called or buy the WordPress template, Optimize Press for around $99, which is a WordPress theme that has a lead capture page feature.

There are also several marketing systems that you can subscribe to on a monthly basis that have capture pages ready for you to use. You can visit my website at the bottom of this article to find out more about them on my blog.


You will need an autoresponder to follow up with your customers and potential customers. I recommends using an autoresponder like AWeber or Get Response. Either one of them will go for around $19 a month for starters.

With an autoresponder you can capture your website visitors information and follow up with them. This can be done automatically without you having to send an email every time. You can set up a series of follow-up emails to be sent one day at a time until they end up buying.

Good Copywriting skills

Having good copywriting skills will help you to convert more leads into sales. If you’re not a good copywriter you can always learn how to write better copy. You can take copywriting courses such as the Copywriters Guild. You can also opt into other Professional Marketer’s lists and read their emails to get an idea how they write their copy.

So if you have good copywriting skills a good lead capture page and the good autoresponder such as a Weber you will start to have higher conversions in sales. It will take you some time to master the skills of email list building. Once you have mastered the skills of email list building you will be able to make money on demand.

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