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Container Gardening – Selecting the Finest Containers for Profitable Rising

Container Gardening – Choosing the Best Containers for Successful Growing

Selecting the most appropriate container for a particular kind of plant is crucial to its success. If you end up picking the incorrect size pot, it could significantly stunt the growth of the plant. You have to pick the right size of pot, but it is just as essential to select a container that is made with the proper material. Different materials are more effective in different situations.

If you are going to grow a perennial plant, such as a good sized herb bush, you may wish to go with a big wooden container. Wood is particularly desirable for use in growing plants which will keep on growing for longer than a single season, as well as plants which you plan to grow outside in a conspicuous place.

Wooden containers are ideal for larger plants, as well as for use in extremely visible parts of your backyard. Wooden growing pots are usually one of the more highly-priced kinds of containers. Wooden pots can be costly, however they are normally very durable.

Make sure you have one that is spray-treated on the outside, but not on the inside. If you have a container that is spray-treated inside, you could finish up with hazardous chemical substances being leeched into the garden soil and finding their way into your plants. This can harm the plants, and possibly cause you to be sick by eating them.

Plastic containers are probably the most popular kind of pot for container gardening. This is mainly because plastic pots are usually the least expensive. However less expensive is not always the best choice.

If you just plan to try container gardening for only one year, then plastic might be a good choice for you. However if you feel that you may wish to have a container garden next season, you may choose to use something that is more durable.

You may be tempted to believe that some plastic containers are durable simply because they are harder or heavier than other plastic planting pots, however that is not always correct. If plastic is kept outside for days on end, it may well begin to warp and crack. Cracked planting containers are of no use at all!

Terracotta clay pots are the next most affordable kind of container. They are relatively inexpensive, however they are quite fragile and break very easily. They also do not fare very well in freezing temperatures, which means you should not keep them outside during the winter months.

Fired ceramic planting containers are a great option. They can be rather delicate, but a lot of them are quite durable. They are normally glazed on the exterior for appearance, but they are left unglazed inside. This is desirable as the glaze can harm plants if it leeches into the soil.

It is also possible to create your own containers by making use of items you find around your home. The majority of inexpensive plastic pots will do the job if they are big enough for anything you choose to grow, provided that you put drainage holes in the base.

A few good examples you can try are empty margarine tubs, milk jugs and soda bottles with the tops removed and drainage holes in the base,, garbage cans with holes cut in the base, and large plastic tubs with drainage holes drilled in them.

Many people use bags of garden soil as their containers, just cutting an opening in the side of a bag of earth that is lying on its side and sowing seeds right into the exposed soil! You do not need to use conventional bought pots. Practically any kind of container may be used for growing plants and flowers provided that it is safe and makes it possible for the plants to have sufficient drainage.

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