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Attention-grabbing Details and Wants Behind Oncidium Orchids

Interesting Facts and Needs Behind Oncidium Orchids

There are over 400 species of the Oncidium orchids; each species varies in styles, sizes and shapes. These orchids are mainly found in the tropical areas of the world. However, if you’re a beginner, you’ll love this flower because it grows quickly and when taken care of, it will give you lots of gorgeous blooms.

Some Interesting Facts About Oncidium Orchids

These flowers have a variety of plants. Its leaves can be slim and pencil-shaped or can be thick and rubbery. Any large orchids will produce blooms that are rather dramatic; smaller orchids will turn out delicate but attractive flowers. Oncidium orchid plants will grow to about one foot high.

Much like the Epidendrum orchids, the Oncidium are also sympodial orchids. When grown in a pot, they grow along the media you use. It’s not uncommon to find them with horizontal stems. The plant growth may resemble fingers when they are on the medium’s surface. When it’s mounted with proper Oncidium orchid care, the flower has a habit of growing any direction.

Correct Oncidium Orchid Care

Types of Pots That Can Be Used For These Wonderful Flowers

So what kinds of potting mediums should you use for you Oncidium orchid care? If you want the best kind, consider using bark-based mediums. You’ll still need to water your plant so that it will thrive. Along with using bark, be sure to add inorganic medias to the mix like Pearlite. This will help to ensure that the water drains out, as it should.

You can also use clay and/or plastic pots for proper Oncidium orchid care. No matter what medium you choose to use in the plastic container, always check it before you water your plant. If it’s damp, you may want to wait before watering your plant. Plastic pots can hold water longer than other pots. If you can, consider having holes or have a mesh bottom so that you don’t over-water your orchids.

If you choose to go with clay pots, you need to be aware that these allow water to effectively drain. However, keep an eye for any salt build up as this can lead to damage in your root system. How can you tell if you have salt buildup? It’ll be white on the pot edges or white on top of the media you use for your orchid.

Not only do they thrive while in containers, with proper Oncidium orchid care they can easily be mounted to a washed wood or tree fern.

Plants of this class do well when placed outside during the summer and flourish outside where it’s always warm (as they do grow better in tropical climates). They’ll also do well inside if placed in direct or indirect sunlight for many hours. Be sure that you keep an eye on the leaves. If it seems they are getting too much sun, adjust how much they get.

A Look Of Some Species and Hybrids of Oncidium Orchids

Non-Hybrid Plants

Oncidium ampliatum – These plant leaves grow up to 15 inches long. During the springtime, it blooms yellow flowers. It grows best indoors and likes warmer temperatures.

Oncidium carthagenense – This is a mule-ear Oncidium with thick leaves that can measure anywhere from six to 24 inches long. It’s distinguished by its tiny purple and white flowers, which bloom during the summer months.

Oncidium cheirophorum – This plant will grow to just four inches with exact Oncidium orchid care. Yet, its leaves give way to vibrant yellow blossoms that grow in groups. It’s mainly blooming during the autumn and winter months.

Hybrid Plants

Oncidium Sharry Baby – This orchid type has a very unique scent to it. What is that? Its smell is similar to white chocolate.

Oncidium Gower Ramsey – This hybrid plant is great for new orchid gardeners to try their hand at growing. It doesn’t matter what type of medium you choose to plant it in. You can place it in a sunny area and it will still produce lots of yellow flowers with proper Oncidium orchid care

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