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All About Hanging Baskets

All About Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a fundamental part of an English garden but have their history set in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. They are easy to maintain, and can add color and life anywhere.

The history of hanging baskets.

Many believe that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are the inspiration behind the modern day basket. This Wonder of the Ancient World supposedly created suspended gardens – essentially making the whole garden a series of very large hanging baskets. Despite the existence of the gardens of Babylon being unknown – they are supposedly the inspiration of the modern basket.

Hanging Baskets Today.

Today, hanging baskets can be found all over the UK, and are becoming popular in the rest of the world. They are used to add a touch of plant life, where it would otherwise be impossible. Fantastic examples of baskets can be seen outside of Pubs in the United Kingdom. Space around pubs can be limited, some having no land at the front, only leading onto the path. Baskets allows greenery where it would be otherwise impossible to have it.

Types of Baskets.

There are 2 main types of basket – the most common is a metal design, coated in paint or plastic to protect it from the damp soil and weather. This is lined, and filled with soil and then flowerbed plants that produce small bright flowers are added.

The other type of baskets appears upside down Рwith flowers growing out the bottom, and growing upwards, covering the basket completely.

Both types can be combined to give the appearance of a ball of flowers.

Hanging baskets make great gifts, as unlike a “bunch of flowers” they will not die, and do not take up much space. There is some controversy towards them however, in that they do not retain water well, and need more water than a plant pot of a similar size. This makes it more costly to the environment. Regular and planned watering and the correct types of flowers can overcome this problem.

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