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3 Unbelievable Intercourse Positions to Make Her Moan

3 Incredible Sex Positions to Make Her Moan

Women want great sex and you should strive to give it to her or she’ll dream of, or even sleep with, other men. I used to be terrible in bed, until I decided to become incredible. With that in mind I tried every technique to be the best lover around, and here are the best 3 sex positions that I know of…

Turning your lover on isn’t just a physical thing but an emotional thing as well. However, these are the best 3 sex positions that I use on a regular basis to make sure that the women I sleep with know that I’m the best lover they’ve ever had.

Doggy Style

This one has been popular for years, but with good reason. With this position you can hit her g-spot to drive her wild. This is recommended when sex becomes less tender and more naughty.


This is like girl on top, but in this instance she is facing the other way. The beauty of this position is that you don’t have to do much work as you can leave it to her. If you move her in the right position then she will have a powerful orgasm.

Standing Over Position

This time she lies on the bed and you take her ankles and start penetrating her while standing. This is great because you can look in her eyes as you have sex and you’re in full control of the thrusts.

Turning your woman on is as emotional as it is physical. You should always strive to make the sex the best [] possible for her.

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