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Your Life, Your Pondering: Critical Mind Hacking On Your self

Your Life, Your Thinking: Serious Brain Hacking On Yourself

Your Life, Your Thinking: Serious Brain Hacking On Yourself

Thinking deeply about life when doing affirmations helps them get deep into you. Just doing affirmations without emotion, visualization or deep thought leads nowhere or to very few beneficial effects. Without puffing this article up, I am going to give you the reality of effective affirmations in the best way I know how.

Albert Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. When considering the imagination and the law of reversed effect, and understanding reality as a fluid game instead of a rigid plan, all of this is real: Imagination when programming yourself to act certain ways in reality is very important. “Knowledge” about how it all works is really not important or relevant. Let me give an example: Walking across a balance beam ten inches off the floor to retrieve ten dollars. That would be easy being only about under a foot off the floor, would it not? Now put that same ten dollars about fifteen feet up off the ground and under a rock in case there is a breeze. Okay, that is a bit harder seemingly although ultimately it is the exact same task really.

The point to that anecdote is to show the power of the imagination to make anything easy or hard in life. After all, was it not John Milton the poet who said something like “the mind can make anything heaven or hell”? The point of that quote I understand was to show the genuine power of the imagination to make anything hard or easy really, not to say heaven or hell is all in the mind without basis in reality. So, reality is to an extent what we perceive it to be, not anything rigid or unchangeable.

So, start thinking here, what does this mean for us in reality when it comes to changing it for the better ultimately? It means affirmations work if we work them, that is what it means, and I am being somewhat cryptic to give you room to “think in” some of your own answers and understanding so I do not have to take all the credit for helping you out of the boredom of not being able to change yourself.

I remember the year 1979, when my Dad lost his foot to diabetes, and he had to be hypnotized by my Mother to ease the fear and suffering he was going through. Instead of viewing it as anything bad, that was my first inkling to how reality and imagination really works.

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