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World of Warcraft Gold Farming – Greatest Locations to Farm

World of Warcraft Gold Farming – Best Places to Farm

Interested in finding some very proven methods on earning gold quickly and easily in WoW? A lot of players struggle with getting either that epic mount or simply some better and needed gear. Some even take that drastic and primarily illegal route of buying gold online. Well here are a few of the steps you can take to make some extra money.

Any Level:

In Westfall, the Defias Brotherhood windmill is a great location. By the coast you should spot the windmill overlooking the beach. In that area is a bunch of Defias Pillagers and other such mobs. These Defias are roughly around level 12, so even low leveled players can do this one. They drop decent loot, but most importantly they drop linen cloth, which can be turned around and sold at the auction house for some decent money, especially with their drop rate. Even for higher levels, this spot is good because the spawn rate is incredibly fast. It’s pretty difficult to keep the spot clear. I still go here from time to time.

Level 30 Range:

In Southshore, head north past the yeti cave and up all the way past the Alterac Valley entrance. There you should spot a lot of mountain yetis. They drop coin, are skinable, and there are plenty of mining spots around. If you head around the left, near the ledge, you usually don’t see too many people. Pretty quiet spot to level and farm without the hassle of fighting for the area.

Level 40 Range:

In the Badlands, look for the Lethlor Ravine in the eastern part of the map. There are two entrances to it. Near both of the entrances are black whelps. In the actual ravine itself are the elites, so stay clear of them. The whelps drop good coin, skinable, drop flame sacs, and have mining spots nearby. The skins, ore and flame sacs can all be sold at the auction house for good gold. The thick leather doesn’t usually sell to well to players, but still went to vendors for about 60 silver a stack. Even better, they have a rare drop of a dark whelpling. These are summonable pets that many players are looking for. You’ll get quite a bit of gold for one. You can usually get one if you spend the time hunting that area.


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