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Why It Is Essential to Completely Take a look at Your Web site Earlier than Launching?

Why It Is Important to Thoroughly Test Your Website Before Launching?

Why It Is Important to Thoroughly Test Your Website Before Launching?

A large percentage of modern users accesses websites on their smartphones and tablets. Likewise, many users also buy products/services from web stores accessible on their mobile devices. So while planning and developing a website, you need to ensure that it delivers quality user experience across a wide variety of devices. At the same time, you also need to focus on the website’s user experience to keep the visitors engaged and convert them into customers. At the same time, it is also important to get the user interface (UI), functionality, performance and user experience of the website tested thoroughly before its launch.

Advantages of Testing Your Website Rigorously before Its Launch

Determine Cross Browser Compatibility

While building websites, developers have to use several web technologies. Some web technologies are open whereas others are not supported by all web browsers. So there are always chances that your website may not run seamlessly on all web browsers. When to perform elaborate cross-browser testing, it becomes easier for you to check how the website runs on individual web browsers. The developers can further work on the flaws identified during the testing process to make the website deliver quality experience across many web browsers.

Assess the Website’s Mobile Friendliness

You can reap a number of benefits by optimizing the website for mobile devices. When the website is accessible on mobile devices, it can keep the visitors engaged and covey the required message. Also, the mobile-friendliness will make your website rank higher on Google search results pages. So you must assess the website’s look, feel, features and performance across a variety of mobile devices. The testing will help you to retain the customers and achieve higher conversion rates.

Evaluate Its Features and Functionality

The features and functionality of your website will have a direct impact on its user experience. Often users abandon shopping carts or switch to another website if you website does not function flawlessly. So the features and functionality of the website need to be tested individually as well as an integrated unit. You must perform thorough performance and functionality testing to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate significantly.

Determine Its Performance under Varying Loads

The number of website visitors differs on a daily basis. Normally, the eCommerce websites get more visitors during holiday seasons. Also, you can attract more website visitors by offering attractive deals and discounts. But you need to ensure that the website is effective in handling a large number of user requests simultaneously to get more sales and revenue. You can always perform elaborate performance and stress testing to ensure that your website performs seamlessly under varying user loads.

Ensure that Your Website is Secure

No customer will but products or services from your web store if it is not 100% secure. You must use advanced security techniques to keep the sensitive customer data safe. Likewise, you have to use encryption techniques to store and share customer data more securely. At the same time, you also need to ensure that the third-party services and extensions used by the website is not affecting its security. On the whole, you need to perform comprehensive security testing to win the trust of customers and boost your business’s goodwill.

Avoid Redesigning Cost

If you launch the website without testing it rigorously, there are chances that you have to design it each time users report any defect or bug. But the web developers can easily and quickly eliminate the bugs or defects in the website when they are identified during the testing process. Thus, early detection of defects will help you to avoid redesigning cost in future, while protecting the online reputation of your business.

Engage and Retain Customers

Nowadays most users find websites through search engines and social networking platforms. So the quality of the website will have a direct impact on its conversion rate. When you test all aspects of the website thoroughly, it becomes easier for you to deliver quality user experience. The quality experience will further encourage the customers to promote your website on social networking platforms. Thus, you can always retain customers and achieve more online sales by getting the website tested rigorously.

You also have option to choose from various testing methodologies to test your website thoroughly. But many organizations nowadays adopt agile testing methodology to perform software development and testing concurrently. You must adopt agile methodology to reduce the testing time significantly, while testing the website thoroughly and getting reliable test results.

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