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Why Do You Need Cable Glands For Your Electrical Equipment?

Basically, a cable gland is connected to the end of a good electrical cable, which is connected to a device. Usually, they are known by many other names, such as cable strain reliefs, cord grips, cable fittings, and cable enclosures, just to name a few. In this article, we are going to find out why you need to use these units for your devices, such as switchgear and other electrical equipment. Read on to find out more.

First of all, these glands are used to terminate wires in a dangerous area. For instance, this is an area where proper ingress protection is quite important. These cable glands carry a lot of importance for strain relief and making a connection to the cable armor and aluminum sheath.

Typically, cable glands are made from either metallic or non-metallic stuff or a combination of both. They are used in numerous industries where a combo of wiring and cable is required to operate automation systems and electrical instruments.

These are available for a variety of cable types and sizes. The main role of these units is to allow a safe passage for wires and cables via an enclosure. But they are required for protecting electrical components from flames as well.

The Purpose

These glands are an important part of a good electrical system. The primary role of these units is to make the cable attachments stronger. They offer protection against dust and twisting.

The good thing is that these glands are used for different types of applications, such as telecom cables, data, instruments, control and power. As a sealant and termination unit, they can help make sure that the enclosures can be maintained properly.

Why do you Need to go for Cable Glands?

Cable glands serve a lot of purposes as far as the protection of the equipment is concerned. They can help with strain relief, insulation, bonding, grounding and earthing. Apart from this, they can help seal cables that go through different gland plates and bulkheads. They also help prevent dust, dirt and fluid from entering the connector.

How do they Work?

Primarily, they serve as a sealing unit that offers protection for the enclosures on the equipment. In addition, they help seal the ingestion point and prevent foreign particles from causing damage to the cable and the system.

Also, environmental contaminants, such as water, fluid, and dirt may damage the cable joints. So, the role of cable glands is to prevent pulling and twisting of the cable.

Common Uses

These units offer earth continuity in a type of cable called armored cable. Also, if the cable gland features a metallic construction, it will make the cable withstand strong fault currents.

Also, it serves as a holding force to make sure there is enough resistance. It offers environmental protection by creating a seal on the outer sheath. This keeps dust and water from getting into the sealed area.

They can help seal parts of the installation where a high level of ingress protection is required. Also, they offer environmental protection at the entry point of the cable.

In short, these are just a few reasons why you should go for cable glands for your systems.

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