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What’s the Greatest Key phrase Choice Instrument?

What is the Best Keyword Selection Tool?

Performing proper keyword research is an important step when developing an internet marketing strategy. Keywords are what web surfers use to find your website, therefore it is imperative that you promote your website using keywords that people are actually using when conducting their searches. In this article, I will address the most valuable features that the ideal keyword research tool should provide it’s users.

1. The Capacity to Locate Commercial-Intent Keywords
Web surfers who use these keywords when conducting searches are not looking for free information, but are searching with an expectation to buy. Most commercial-intent keywords are also considered long-tail keywords which are basically three or more words specific to a particular product, service or website.

It is also important to note that although most commercial-intent keywords are of the long-tail variety, long-tail keywords are not necessarily commercial. Thankfully, there is a free service that detects whether or not a keyword or keyword phrase is commercial. This service provided by Microsoft is called” Detecting Online Commercial Intent and can be found in their adCenter’s tool’s section.

2. Display the Number of Searches
This is perhaps the most important feature of any keyword tool. Without knowing the number of times a keyword is used in the search engines, it is virtually impossible to determine it’s value in marketing campaigns. A good keyword tool should provide the number of monthly and yearly searches. The number of monthly searches is particularly important when budgeting for pay per click ads.

A yearly search volume feature is also useful in order to determine a particular keyword’s search trend over time. For example, some keywords related to Christmas gifts or supplies may have a high search volume during the fall months, but a very low search volume during the months following the Christmas holiday season. This is obviously vital information to have when launching a marketing campaign and the ability to compare the number of yearly searches to the number of monthly searches will provide this information on keyword search trends.

3. Display the Number of Competing Pages
Knowing the number of competing pages for a particular keyword is absolutely essential. It would be unrealistic to try and rank high in the search engines for keywords that have a lot of competition. Keywords with low competition and high search volume are ideal.

The number of competing pages can be derived by using quotation marks around a keyword when conducting a search. The number of “results” displayed by the search engine when using quotation marks is the number of competing pages. The ability to calculate this number for each keyword is a very convenient feature to have in keyword research software.

4. Display the Number of Google Ads
This is a nice feature for a keyword tool to possess. Google ads displayed for particular keywords is a good indication of profitability. If there isn’t money in a keyword, it’s unlikely there will be many, if any ads displayed. On the other hand, if there are many ads displayed for a keyword, this could be an indication that pay per click advertising is too competitive.

Professional keyword research tools should not only harvest profitable, low-competition keywords, but should also provide useful, time-saving features such as the ones mentioned in this article. Since they are the primary method which potential customers use to find your website, it is safe and fitting to say that keywords are “key”.

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