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What Is cPanel for Net Internet hosting?

What Is cPanel for Web Hosting?

The Unix based control panel for the web that gives a graphical boundary and automatic apparatus designed to abridge the procedure of hosting a site is known as cPanel Web Hosting. It uses a 3 layer structure that gives utility for the resellers, administrators, and ultimately the end users of the site owner so that they can control the different aspects of the website and administration of the server via a web browser that is standard.

The cPanel Hosting is based on the GUI interface, but at the same time it also has the line command and API access that is based in such a manner which allows the software of the third party vendors, developers and web hosting companies to administer the process on the automated standard.

The cPanel Hosting server is designed in such a fashion that it can function either on virtual server that is private or dedicated server. At the same time it backs Red Hat Linux, CentOS and FreeBSD.

The applications that are included in cPanel are Apache, MySQL, PHP, Postgres, BIND and Perl. The email support that is included here are POP3, SMTP, IMAP services. It can easily be accessed on port 2082, with the server operating on the port 2083.

It was originally designed for speed hosting, but as time passed it became a popular web-hosting company. The initial writer of cPanel was J. Nick Koston.. He had a major share in speed Hosting and they merged with cPanel. After this merger the company started working on a new server that was Virtual Development Inc. (this is now an obsolete facility). When this merger took place there was no competition in the market and this particular company that is cPanel Web Hosting enjoyed the entire bonanza. In 1999 the new version of cPanel came into being and its main characteristic was an automatic upgrade and the manager to host the web.

As time passed the cPanel Web Hosting developed itself and the engineers work on it day and night to make what is the best control panel for the web in the market as of date. It became the most stable and reputed and reliable control panel in the entire industry.

For the client cPanel Web Hosting provides number of unique and good operations like managing PGP keys, FTP and mail accounts, crontab task, and list of mails that has been sent. All this is for a nominal cost, but there are many added advantages on which the company offers for which one has to pay additional money. The most distinguished is the auto installer like Fantastico, Installatron, Softaculous and WHMSonic that is shoutcast in other words radio control panel.

It is important to know exactly what auto installer is. Basically it is an update of any web application like SMF, Word Press, php Bulletin Board, Joomla, Drupal, Group ware, Tiki wiki CMS, Zam Foo and Whmcs.

The basic task of the cPanel Web Hosting service is to manage different software in a different form in accordance with the underlying operating system. It also ensures that all the packages that are used are compatible and up to date.

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