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What Colour is Your search engine marketing Hat?

What Color is Your SEO Hat?

What Color is Your seo Hat?

If you’re like most of us, you get emails from seo Companies promising to get Top 10 Search Engine placement for your website. Consider for a moment, if these people could truly and honestly deliver on that promise, they wouldn’t have to advertise. Word would get out and website owners would come running with wallets open. But the fact is they are advertising for your business and people are not running to them for Top 10 placement.

Top seo companies (if they were any good) should themselves be ranked very high for terms like “Search Engine Optimization”, “Internet seo” and “seo“. Next time you get an email guaranteeing Top 10 placement; do a search for “Search Engine Optimization” or Internet seo to see how highly that company ranks for those terms. Chances are high that you won’t find them anywhere in the search results. No one can honestly deliver a Top 10 position for every site using legitimate seo techniques. Any seo company that makes such a bold guarantee typically will do a number of things designed to trick the search enginesinto ranking you higher for your keywords.  

The problem with tricking search engines, especially Google, is that those techniques will work for a short while, but they will certainly stop working at some point. Deliberately tricking the search engines to gain search engine ranking is called ‘Black Hat” and is considered fraudulent and punishable by death (no just kidding on that).

When Google redesigns or updates their search algorithms (their formulas) for ranking websites — it’s called the “Google Dance” — millions of websites get new page rankings. The reason Google (or Yahoo or Bing) takes the time, energy and expense to redesign their algorithms is specifically to get rid of those websites who have managed to trick the system and rank well by using shady or underhanded tactics.

If you’re in a big hurry to rank high in the search engines, go try one of those Black Hat seo companies. If they are at all effective, you will get ranked well quickly. But as soon as Google “Dances”, you’ll see your page rank fall like the 1929 stock market.

But that’s not even the bad part about using Black Hat tactics. The worst part is that Google will de-list any site from their index that they think intentionally used tricks to gain position or page ranking. That means that they aren’t going to list your site any more until you jump through a few Google hoops and prove you’re going to play by the rules.

People with high ranking, long lasting, successful sites, achieved that status by implementing “White Hat” or legitimate seo techniques. These people would not dare touch a Black Hat technique. They have real businesses to run, with real employees and families to support, and they aren’t about to risk having the traffic to their website shut down for the sake of a quicker ride to the top. You should feel the same way. I hope you’re wearing a white hat, if not good luck.

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