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Web Traffic Genius WordPress Plug-In Review

If you’re looking for a product that will help you increase targeted traffic, bring you quality backlinks, and improve page rank — and do it all on autopilot — invest a little time well spent in reading some facts on Web Traffic Genius.

When you purchase this RSS aggregator (Web Traffic Genius) software, you will get two versions — one is a WordPress plug-in and the other is a stand-alone version ready for use with a non-blog type website. We’ll be concentrating here on the plug-in version.

Installation is very straightforward and there are videos to walk you through everything, as well as transcripts of all the videos as PDF documents, if that is what you prefer. Although Tim Buchalka shows you all the steps to install the plug-in manually, you can really just install it simply from your WordPress dashboard like any other plug-in. It takes very little time to install. Once installed, you will see Web Traffic Genius Pro listed with its options at the left side of your dashboard. You are asked to do one more minor task — creating a file at your webhost. This takes less than 1 minute — more like 20 seconds.

Tim walks you through setting up your options in another video. Some of the RSS feed sites require a log-in, so you will set up your username and password for those sites. The good news? The settings you make need only be done once, because they have cleverly arranged for you to be able to import and export your settings and you will be able to use them on any or all of your sites. Because there are 2 versions – the stand-alone and the WP Plug-in, you are not limited in the construction of your site. There is a forum in case you need to ask some questions, and users have found that the support is quite good and quick in response time.

If you have a brand new site, with no posts yet, from the very beginning Web Traffic Genius will start creating backlinks for you. But if you have only just found out about this software, and installed it on an existing blog which already has posts, not to worry. There is an option to “post existing posts” to the RSS aggregator. However, Web Traffic Genius will not send out another feed every time you edit/update posts, as that would be considered spamming.

Remember that future updates are FREE as new features are being added and the list of RSS feeds is growing as well.


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