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Utilizing Key phrases to Improve Your AdSense Earnings

Using Keywords to Increase Your AdSense Income

In any form of internet marketing the most important idea is to use key words well. Keywords are words that are commonly searched. Using them well means that your website, forum posts, or articles are more likely to be seen by random people. To businesses these may represent potential new customers. But to Google AdSense websites random searchers can become regular guests to your websites who could click on your links. Some words lead to higher paying ads than others from AdSense. There may not be words or phrases out there that pay one hundred dollars or more, but there are some that can pay as much as $30-35 per click.

The first thing to remember is to be specific. The more specific your target, the more targeted the marketing can be which generally means more clicks and higher pay. Also some phrases pay more by simply adding another word or two. For example the phrase “personal injury lawyer” may lead to an article that pays about $20 whenever someone clicks on an advertisement. Simply specifying a city, state or region may increase that price by as much as 50%. If you receive 50% of the money from AdSense and one advertisement pays $30 while another pays $20 that means one ad will earn you $15 while the other only earns $10. That is a difference of $5 per click for you simply for being more specific. If your site averages 1000 hits per day and on average 1 in 500 people click your advertisements that is a difference of $10 per day, $70 per week, $300 per month, or $3650 per year. Learning to be more specific on your website may increase your income by more than a promotion at work!

Learn the high paying key words and write about them. Personal injury lawyer is one example I already gave but what if you do not really have anything to say about that subject? Find a high paying topic that you are also passionate about. The best way to increase traffic to your website is by writing articles that draw people to it. That means you will be spending considerable amounts of time writing about your subject. Other high-paying phrases include insurance quotes, new Lasik, equity loans, or cancer treatments. None of these may be particularly easy to write about but you can always do some research and find key words that are easier.

There are utilities out there that help find these key words. Some are more legitimate than others and some may be dangerous and full of computer viruses or other malware. Be careful going to any pages that you do not know or pages that do not sound trustworthy. When you are looking for keyword help try searching AdWords Traffic Estimator, AdWords Keyword Tool, or even AdSense key words. Remember to be cautious about installing anything onto your computer or anything that sounds too good to be true. If you can find them though, some utilities can be helpful for increasing website traffic and payments from AdSense.

Google AdSense is all about internet marketing. Unlike online businesses that are trying to attract customers, a webmaster’s goal is to increase website traffic and get higher paying advertisements from Google. Remember these hints and your income from your website may increase in time.

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