Tri Wing Screwdriver VS Selfmade Instruments

Tri Wing Screwdriver VS Homemade tools

Many people who have issues with their Nintendo products want to take them apart and fix them on their own. If you are one of those people you probably know that you need a tri wing screwdriver to do this. You have also probably heard that you can use some homemade improvised tools to get the tri wing screws out.

Is this true? Yes, but let’s look at what the effectiveness of all the different homemade tools are and then compare them to the real screwdriver that was made for this task.

First lets take a look at using a flat head screwdriver to do the job.

This is by far the easiest to try out of the improvised tools. You will need an extremely small one to try it and you might need a few of them. The reason is that the screwdriver isn’t that strong and after you take out a few screws you will have most likely ruined the flat head. Be careful when using this method and don’t over do it.

The melted BIC pen is the second improvised method that we will look at.

This is not a very good method for removing these screws. What you do is take a BIC ball point pen, heat up the end until the plastic is soft and then press it into the screw until the plastic hardens again. You will end up with a mold of the screw head.

Sounds good right? It may sound like a great way but the problem is that the plastic usually breaks because it can’t handle the pressure you have to apply. If you are going to try this method you are going to need a lot of BIC pens and you will have to be patient. I would not recommend it.

The last improvised tool we will consider is using a modified Phillips screwdriver.

This method is hard and really doesn’t work that great. What you have to do is take a small Phillips screwdriver and take off one of the wings so it is has a t-shape instead of a cross shape. This almost always doesn’t fit well and ends up stripping the screws. Out of all of the methods this is by far the hardest to create and the least efficient.

So, how do these stack up against the real deal?

If you buy a tri wing screwdriver to do this task then you will be very well off. It wont strip the screws, you can use it thousands of times and they are relatively cheap. If you use an alternative method you might save a few dollars but it will be very frustrating and it isn’t guaranteed to work. The only downside to the screwdriver is that you can only find them online.

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