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WordPress mainly is an open source blogging tool. It’s also a publishing platform which is powered by PHP and MySQL. It has too many features with lots of themes and plug-in for free use. Nowadays it is the most popular CMS on internet. Here you can design your website or blog by using theme which is powered by Template Processor. You can redesign or customize any design of your used theme by editing PHP, HTML or CSS codes for your website or blog. Basically WordPress was released on May 2003, by Matt Mullenweg for creating better blogging platform only, but later on many features were added gradually for us so that we can develop websites also as we need.

If you use WordPress CMS for developing your website then it will be a great chance that your website will get free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features automatically. Because, here you will get integrated link management facilities with search engine friendly, clean parmalink structure and easy tagging features. And these are really most important features for on page SEO. Also you will get Trackback and Pingback standards for SEO backlink. Last of all WordPress has a prosperous plug-in architecture which allows you to extend CMS functionality beyond the features that comes as a part of the base install. You can use it in iPhone/iPod touch and Windows 7 or BlackBerry which works with WordPress Blogs and Websites.

At May 27, 2003 Matt Mullenweg released version 0.70 of WordPress for blogging but there was no plug-in facilities. Later, in 2004 WordPress development team released version 1.2 and this time they released it with plug-in facilities. The same plug-in identification headers are still unchanged in the latest WordPress releases. Nowadays WordPress is not only a blogging tool or website development CMS software but it also is a name of user and developer community. Most of the releases have code names from version 1.2. Mingus is the name of version 1.2 of WordPress and then serially WordPress released Strayhorn, Duke, Ella, Getz, Dexter, Brecker, Tyner, Coltrane, Baker, Carmen, Thelonious, Reinhardt and now we are using Gershwin which is known as version 3.2. Till date WordPress has won four awards for their success and these are:

  1. The Open Source Web App of the Year Award at 2011
  2. The Hall of Fame CMS category in the 2010 Open Source Award
  3. The Best Open Source CMS Award at 2009
  4. A Packet Open Source CMS Award at 2007

Last of all we can say that as a CMS, WordPress is the best one for developing a website or creating a blog for corporate or personal use, because it has lots of automated features that can help a blog or website to get visitors easily. And it is built in SEO features that automatically help to get good Alexa Rank on internet.

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