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The Significance of Key phrases in Your Web Advertising and marketing

The Importance of Keywords in Your Internet Marketing

The Importance of Keywords in Your Internet Marketing

One big mistake by many in the search for quality keywords is land up fighting for a few “good” keywords, when actually it doesn’t have to be like that. Another common mistake is choosing keywords that are too general.

For example, getting ranked #1 for the word laptop might make you a millionaire but it would take you years maybe even your lifetime to do it. However, if you were to instead target Toshiba laptops it would be many times easier and quicker to become ranked #1.

Currently there are few sites that are targeting a brand specific keyword for the entire website. Most are targeting brand specific keywords using a sub page. If you choose target an entire site around a brand keyword phrase, right of the bat you’ll have a big advantage enabling you to get a far better ranking.

There are many keyword tracker tools on the market some like Wordze charge while others like Wordtraker are free, and even Google has jumped onboard providing a keyword tool as well as LSI keywords. It really doesn’t matter what keyword tool you choose to use in your internet marketing you will be looking for three attributes in each keyword. They are:

1. The keyword has lest than 1,000,000 competing pages. The lower this number is the better. Just do a search for the keyword in Google or one of the other search engines. Make sure to put quotes around it if it’s a keyword phrase. For example “laptop” or “Toshiba laptop.” Then see how many competing pages there are.

2. There is some type of value to an advertiser. Of course everything that can be bought and sold has value whether it’s a product or service. But some keywords have significant more value than others.

3. The keyword or keyword phrase must be searched for at least 200 times a day and of course the higher the number of searches the better.

It’s a good idea to stick to these guidelines, but that said, that’s just what they are guidelines, and of course your own discretion should always be a part of your decision.

When you choose a keyword or keyword phrase try for phrases that tech savvy person wouldn’t usually think of. Even Toshiba laptops have a lot of competition. Less competition is going to make it easier for you to succeed. Use this visual image “how does a 75 year old grandma search for something” and what would they search daily? If you can get outside the tech world or internet world you’ll have significantly less competition and that means you’ll increase your conversion. The less tech or internet savvy a person is the more likely they are to click on an ad. With a tech or internet savvy person you are looking at les than a 1% conversion rate. The minute you step out of that arena your conversion rate will jump to anywhere from 10% to 20%.

So for example, the following might be good niche markets. Legal, pest control, driving services, or electrical are good options in the service sector. Clothing brands, hair products, or acne treatments in the non electronic product market, and in the finance market specific loans.

Use your keyword tools to help you determine what’s right and always remember the less competition and the more laymen the more success you will see with it. Keywords are very important to your internet marketing so be sure to give them the attention they truly deserve for the success you deserve.

If there’s one thing for sure, if you plan to be successful on the web internet marketing is a must, otherwise you’ll be like a whole lot of other sites floating around the web with few targeted visitors and no profits. And part of that internet marketing is recognizing the importance of keywords.

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