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The Evolution Of Hyperlink Constructing Instruments On Auto Pilot

The Evolution Of Link Building Tools On Auto Pilot

The Evolution Of link building tools On Auto Pilot

In fact this article submission directory is one of the best ways a lot of webmasters use to build links back to their sites and as such enable them to drive traffic to their sites, gain reputation on the net and rank higher on the most popular search engines.

Let us think about link building this way. Imagine an election where citizens with the rights cast their votes for their preferred candidate. Ranking your websites on the search engines may be considered in a very similar way. Other sites around the web link to a particular site saying “This Site Has My Vote”. As with elections, the candidate with the highest number of votes wins.

You have probably read or heard that not all links carry the same weight. Yes this is true. It is not the same when you feature on a national television as compared to a local one. The weight of your links depend on where those same come from.

Ever since the internet and the term seo(Search Engine Optimization) became the tools with which webmasters get their sites to appear on the first pages of search engines, link building has developed into a tool that no serious web owner can afford to be without.

As the internet grew and the search engines became more sophisticated link building tools of yester years became less effective and new ones take their places. The latest which I have noticed in recent times are the link building tools on auto pilot.

link building tools On Auto Pilot

To get an idea, I will just say that a link building tool is a piece of software which automates your efforts without you having to do it manually and thus save you time, energy, money and even nerves. You can therefore direct your attention to something else. Cool isn’t it?

Since there are different approaches, so do the features differ from tool to tool and from developer to developer. The most common practice is to distribute your articles and posts with your links in them since some seasoned seo experts have discovered that search engines with an accent on Google rate “in context links” higher than links on pages with little or no relevance to the content of your website.

Other methods frequently used is to automate submissions to social bookmarking sites. These tools automatically generate usernames, passwords and in some cases even emails and then submit your links steadily in order to avoid raising a red flag to the search engines of spamming.

One other method which has been around for a long time is submission of RSS feeds. As soon as you post a new content, the content is automatically displayed on the sites where the feeds have been submitted. This back linking method as well may be considered as automatic back building tool.

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