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The Case for the Google Pixel

The Case for the Google Pixel

The Case for the Google Pixel

Software and internet giant Google shocked tech industry insiders and Android lovers alike with its pair of flagship priced phones about a month ago and most people haven’t yet figured what to make of the new Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Both phones mark a complete departure from Google’s previous way of doing things. In the past, Google has sold a range of Nexus devices for many years. These devices were always mid-range devices with very compelling specs for the amount of money they cost. Nexus devices often had a number of shortcomings but it was all worth it for Android lovers because they shipped with the latest version of Android, without any skins from third party manufacturers. They also got the newest releases of Android as soon as Google released them. All of this was enough for fans to overlook niggling issues that were endemic to the Nexus brand, such as poor cameras and not so great build quality.

Everything changes with the Pixel

All of that changes with the new Pixel though. The Pixel is the first time that Google has claimed to have designed the hardware itself and though the results are somewhat generic, one cannot fault the build quality of the new Pixel phones. Saying that they are every bit as well built as the new iPhones is high praise but it is fitting. Since most people who use one of the new Pixels will be using Google Pixel cases and covers, just like with any other flagship phone, the fact that the phones looks generic doesn’t really matter anyway. Once the phones are available to buy online around the world, most people will be looking for cool designer Pixel cases as soon as they place their order for the new phones, to make them stand out from the crowd.

Almost every flagship feature

In fact, the Google Pixel is the first time in history that even the most hardcore Android fanboys can honestly say that the company has launched a no-compromises phone. Go down the spec list and the Pixel trades blows with the iPhone 7 and gives up very little ground. True, it doesn’t have optical image stabilisation but if early reviews are to be believed, the camera is as good as or even better than the new iPhones. The Google Pixel may not be waterproof like the new iPhones but it has a killer feature instead, the headphone jack that Apple scarified at the altar of water resistance. Since most buyers will invest in cases for the Google Pixel anyway, the water resistance is of questionable value.

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