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Ten Causes to Be taught HTML

Ten Reasons to Learn HTML

Beginners wanting to create a website always fear the dreaded words “programming in HTML”. Programming to the novice is intimidating. I am going to let you in on little secret. Ready?

Of all the programming languages HTML is the easiest.

Pshaw! You say?

It is my conviction that if you can create a well formatted document in a word processor you can create an HTML document.

So there is reason number one.

  • Learning HTML is easy

Now, here are nine other reasons to learn HTML:

  • You know something. It doesn’t matter what it is. But whoever you are reading this article you know something about something. Maybe you know about shoelaces. Maybe you know about herniated discs. Get your knowledge on the web!
  • Resources abound to learn HTML and creating websites. There are lots of good online tutorials and the majority of it is free! Most of it is geared towards beginners so the noobiest of noobs can learn.
  • You want to. Even though you think you don’t, deep down you’ve been wanting to learn HTML. Now’s the time!
  • Will provide a greater understanding of the web. Even if your pages always remain fairly simple, you will have a greater appreciation of all things Web.
  • The Web is the greatest informational portal in the history of humanity (for better or for worse). Anyone can take part! Even you.
  • Besides the structural tags of HTML, HEAD and BODY, a web page can be constructed with 7 basic tags: DIV, P, A, IMG, UL, OL and LI. See, there is not a whole lot of things you have to memorize.
  • Learning HTML is the first step to learning CSS, XHTML, XML, RSS, etc. The world of abbreviations is awaiting you.
  • When you learn from scratch, the experience you gain is worth something. Not only can you create your own websites but maybe you can tell the boss you can clean up those junky looking pages on your companies website.
  • Personal satisfaction gained from knowing you’ve accomplished something. Maybe your first page won’t be pretty, mine sure wasn’t, but that doesn’t matter. It was just cool to get it up on the web and know that I could do it.

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