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Suffix Proxies

Suffix Proxies

Suffix Proxies

Suffix proxies are used scantily compared to other proxies. Rather than use PHP to digest the page and spit it back out, it uses the DNS wildcard. DNS is a domain name system which changes complex addresses to various domains.

For instance, let’s say the suffix proxy is situated at and you want to view through it. For this, you could visit, wherein it displays the site on browser. Suffix proxies permit the user to access the content in web by including the name of proxy server to the requested content URL. Compared to regular proxy servers, suffix proxy servers are easier to use.

This concept first came in the form of IPV gate in 2003 and in the form of Coral distribution network in 2004. However, it took four years for the term suffix proxy to get included.


These types of proxies stand as intermediaries for internet users who seek resources from various online sources. Suffix servers work as follows:-

Online users (technically known as clients) connect to the server seeking services available from various servers. The proxy server, on receiving the request, performs evaluation – through traffic filtration, but by using the IP address.

In case the request is granted, the proxy server offers resources by soliciting service on client’s behalf or by connecting to the relevant server.

Purpose of Suffix Proxies

A suffix proxy server offers or does two functions. Firstly, it uses caching to speed up access to the resource. Secondly, it retains the machine anonymously – basically for security purposes.

Suffix proxies retrieve content saved from former requests made by the same client, thereby conducting the acceleration of service requests. Suffix proxies also help reduce the cost of hardware installations.

Suffix proxies are especially helpful for new network systems and those for whom security plays a vital role.

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