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SEO 101 – Simplifying Search Engine Optimization

In today’s competitive marketplace a business is only as successful as its website, yet the majority of corporations within this space have ineffectively exhausted online marketing efforts. This is resulting from the concentration placed on the design and execution, as opposed to visibility, of websites. This application is counterproductive to an effective business model; as even the most well designed site cannot produce results if the consumer is unable to locate it. One way to ensure that marketing budgets and efforts are not unrewardingly exhausted is by maximizing search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

SEO is designed to increase a websites visibility, volume and quality of traffic. It is involved with every phase of the site development process from content creation to layout and graphic design. SEO uses a combination of techniques, tips and tricks to frame a website in a manner which is easily found, sorted and indexed by search engines (such as, Google or Yahoo). The more efficiently and effectively this objective can be met the greater online success a website can produce.

Amidst a competitive online community search engine optimization is designed to weed out competing sites by increasing visibility, relevance and influencing online databases (such as, Google). These databases are generated by software programs (commonly known as ‘robots’ or ‘crawlers’), which survey all content available on the internet and index it. The categorized sites are then made readily accessible to web users seeking related information. This process can take upward of a month as information is sorted and qualified against linked information.

The manner in which search engine software programs index content is considered proprietary information, and therefore, is not easily obtained and continually adjusted to avoid the threat of manipulation. However, as the internet has evolved some of the operational procedures have been obtained and research has been organized in relation to such. This has enabled the development of techniques for optimizing search engine procedures so to maximize site visibility.

A few of the current SEO practices utilize content structuring, keyword selection and social media applications. When deciphering which tools are applicable to particular websites bear in mind that as search engine algorithms change so to do the techniques for manipulating them; what is relevant today may not be tomorrow. Hence, search engine optimization is not a onetime task but an ongoing commitment to the improved website productivity.

Corporations may not have the knowledge, time or finances to maintain a commitment to search engine optimizing a site, hence, companies specializing in such are outsourced to assist in the process. When selecting an SEO company ensure that is able to maximize website creation and maintenance, increase site visibility, supply relevant content, creative graphics, intelligent layouts and social media applications which work to the betterment of the business at large.

In conclusion, search engine optimization drives traffic, encourage sales and increases revenue through the leveraging of online marketing initiatives. A well designed, executed and visible website can aid in the development of a productive and successful business. Hence, it is worth the cost and effort to ensure that it is done meticulously through expert input and effective delivery.

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