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Scientific Trial Administration With Free Off-the-Shelf SharePoint Internet hosting Template

Clinical Trial Management With Free Off-the-Shelf SharePoint Hosting Template

Usually SharePoint hosting plans for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 hosting include off-the-shelf free SharePoint hosting templates for business situations, for example, such as Clinical Trial Initiation and Management. These SharePoint hosting templates capture common functionalities, roles, and requirements of specific business processes or sets of tasks in groups and organizations. They can be applied to common business tasks, such as managing a help desk or classroom management, to easily creating useful web-based applications. You can get basic Microsoft SharePoint hosting for less than nine dollars per month for unlimited users and with that package forty free SharePoint hosting templates for business that were developed by Microsoft.

Pharmaceutical companies can spend one to two decades and as much as a billion dollars to bring a drug to market, with a significant portion of this cost accrued during the clinical trial phase. Therefore, expediting any phase of the clinical trial, including the initiation phase, can speed time to market, leading to greater company profits and improved patient care.

The Clinical Trial Initiation and Management application template, an off-the-shelf template that is available free with SharePoint hosting plans, helps teams carry out with greater efficiency the process of tracking clinical trial protocols, setting of objectives, selection of subjects and budget activities. The SharePoint hosting site provides useful Word 2007 templates as well as the capability to create, track and assign tasks and issues related to a particular clinical trial.

The SharePoint hosting templates are usually available free and are available off-the-shelf when one signs up for a basic SharePoint hosting plan. One can select site and workspace templates when setting up a new hosted SharePoint site via the Create page. The default templates that are included with SharePoint WSS 3.0 are arranged under two tabs in the Template Section area of the new SharePoint Site. The templates can be modified and saved under a different name. Thus, useful off-the-shelf hosted SharePoint applications for your organization are ready-to-use within minutes.

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