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Running a blog Software program Comparability – A Comparability of the Prime 4 Weblog Software program Selections

Blogging Software Comparison – A Comparison of the Top Four Blog Software Choices

I have already addressed the question of website vs. blog in another article, but is any blog suitable for building your coaching business? I’m going to explain here what the basic differences of the major blog software options available and give you my perspective on what I believe to be the best option and why.

LiveJournal: This is where I posted my first blog which was more like an online journal for me. There is a cost to use and host at LiveJournal. Customization is limited and complicated for the average user. The addition of simple programming for implementing marketing strategies is also limited and complicated. I suppose it serves a purpose in the social networking but I don’t consider it a strong choice for business use.

Typepad: This was my next stop as I learned the benefits of blogging for my business. I actually liked this blogging software, but there are some of the same limitations with Typepad as with LiveJournal. There is a monthly fee for hosting and using the Typepad blog. Customization is a little easier with Typepad but still very limited. They make nice use of widgets that the blogger can add to enhance what the blog “does” in terms of marketability and monetization.

Blogger: this is easy blog software to use. While I have an account / profile there I don’t actively post in a blog there. Apparently Google, who owns Blogger, does allow user to post advertising (which is important to the monetization of your blog). But Blogger, which is hosted and operated by Google, has a frequent planned & unplanned outages – downtime, which is extremely inconvenient if you’re trying to run a business. I am also told that it doesn’t take much to “exceed the bandwidth” and have too many visitors to your blog.

There are probably several more less popular options that because they are less well known there are limited resources for customization and upgraded programming to make your blog more “powerful” in terms of what it can do for your business.

In my opinion, and in the opinion of some of the most popular bloggers on the Internet – WordPress is by far the most developed software platform for blogging for business.

WordPress – WordPress is software which can be operated for a community hosted site at or you can self-host on your own domain.

Here’s the biggest differences between the community or hosted blog software. At there is no software to install – just pick a free theme and start writing posts.

  • does not allow ads – such as Google AdSense for the blogger’s account
  • does not allow programming for lead capture forms
  • adds links to other peoples blogs at the end of your posts instead of other relevant posts within your blog
  • limited customization available – many free themes but no truly custom premium themes can be used.

IMHO – Self-hosted WordPress blogs are the ONLY way to go if your blog is a serious part of your overall marketing plan. At sites like, the blog installation is done for you, however you do need to customize it…but more on that in another article.

  • the blogger has full control over customization of blog – much of it is simple for the average user to control with minimal explanation
  • hundreds or possibly thousands of widgets and plug-ins have been and are being developed that are completely free to add to your blog
  • tools are available for attracting traffic to the blog, capturing leads and engage in with visitors to your blog.
  • the blogger can place ads on the blog with out worry of being shut down like other community hosted blog software.

In a future article I will explain “widgets & plugins” – what are they, what to use and why. Is your blog a strategic part of building your coaching business online? Do you devote enough time and attention to developing content that attracts your ideal prospect?

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