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Preventing Affiliate Poaching

Fighting Affiliate Poaching

Fighting Affiliate Poaching

Keep Your Commissions To Yourself No, no this isn’t a post about bragging who makes the most in commissions, but it is about making sure your commissions make their way to your bank account and not some one else. Over the years there has been an explosion of new affiliate marketers on the internet. The main problem that these new affiliates have to face is understanding the importance of cloaking their id’s from other affiliates that are set on stealing the commissions from others. It is unfortunate that some people would rather steal the commissions from hard working marketers instead of doing the work themselves.

The idea of cloaking has been around for quite some time and was originally designed to just redirect a link in the event that the original site was not being used in conjunction with the link any longer. The search engines like to relate what they have indexed to where it was collected originally. When you change your site around or change the type of operating system in some cases, the search engines cannot associate your previous links to your new page and you lose your ranking on the net and in turn it make it difficult for folks to find you online. To help with this, the 301 redirect was created to help the search engine robots find your information and make sure that you do not lose your ranking. The 301 redirect was for permanent changes to a website however, and this did not help much when you only needed a redirect for individual products or goods. This is where the 302 redirect came in. This redirect allowed for those who were looking for something previously using a url that has now been separated and directed to a new location. This also directed the search engine robots to ensure the information did not get lost. The problem arises when individual started to attempt to trick the search engines. Some search engines would index the new site and some would not. In the end this was not what most marketers wanted so there had to be something done to correct this problem.

Fortunately the internet has some very intelligent individuals that work on it and realized that something had to be done. For the last few years we have had new types of redirect or “cloaking” services become available for new internet marketers as well as the long term marketers. It seemed that no matter what was created, someone eventually found a way around it and the stealing of commissions continues even today.

It is important for the marketers of today to remain constantly aware of the new products that appear and to seriously look at purchasing one of them to protect themselves. Look for new technology in the redirect script so that the poachers of our commissions can not longer steal our hard working efforts.

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