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Photo voltaic Energy – Renewable Power – Make it at House!

Solar Power – Renewable Energy – Make it at Home!

I know, you are going to say something like:

What? Solar Power is something that only people (or companies) with a lot of money and resources can do, I’m not one of those!

Let us take a look at Home Solar Power.

Valuable resources (electricity, Gas, Oil, etc.) are being used at an increasing rate, day by day. Your energy bills are going up at least every year. Depending on your utility company, it might be going up more frequently than that!

Our technology-based lifestyles require a certain amount of energy – I know you have been trying to cut back (I know I have) on your needs, however, there is still a basic level you need to maintain.

And, yes, a lot of companies and, indeed, entire industries are converting to a more Renewable, Green Solar Power systems every year for their basic needs.

What does that tell us?

1. Solar Power works!

2. Solar Power MUST be cost effective for these ‘bottom-Line’ executives to make the effort.

3. Solar Power must be efficient to use!

4. Solar Power must be fairly maintenance-free. (after installation)

5. Solar Power IS emission-Free.

6. Solar Power IS silent so it respects the communities they work in.

Isn’t all of that something you would want to get in on?

You can; fairly Simply, relatively inexpensively (less than $200 US) AND, as we will get into, you can Do It Yourself!

So, how does a Solar Power system work?

Solar Panels convert sunlight (TOTALLY Renewable for the foreseeable future) into electrical energy. The term photovoltaic is applied to these long-life panels to describe what happens to them when they do all the converting of sunlight into something that you can use.

These Solar Panels are connected, together, in a ‘Solar Array’ to capture as much energy as possible. This, of course is affected by position, direction (which should be South, by the way), presence of shade, etc., etc.

This system is then sent to an Inverter. This converts the 12 volt direct current that you have produced to the 120 AC current that you need to run your home.

Within this system, there is the ability to store unused energy and/or do something else with it that is VERY interesting and I’ll go into that in just a few more paragraphs

“Mickey, this all sounds real complicated!”

When you drive your car, do you HAVE to know how everything works to get you down the road?

If something goes wrong with your car and you have a very good step-by-step manual you can fix it, can’t you?

A home Solar Power system is less complicated than a car.

And think about the benefits of being able to provide your own Solar Power to your family:

o Independence from the Utility company!

o Your Environmental Foot Print is reduced.

o Selling your excess energy to the Electric company!

o And, by building this Home Solar Power system yourself, you get the benefit of doing it yourself based on a very well researched, and applied, detailed Step-By-Step instruction guide with videos!

You can pride yourself on this accomplishment.

I don’t want to gloss over item #3.

Without going into the possible tax credits and rebates, that are addressed, most municipalities require the utility companies to purchase all excess energy produced by their customers! You could be living Green AND get a check!

You need to strongly consider looking at a program that will have you producing your own Clean, Green, Renewable energy within the week for less than what you would think.

Thank You for your time.

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