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Occasion Suggestions For Outside Events

Party Tips For Outdoor Parties

Organization is important when planning for an outdoor party. You should have all the basics before getting started to keep the fun going throughout the event.

Some of the special occasions which call for outdoor parties include: Graduation parties, Weddings, Baby or bridal showers, Neighborhood block parties, Re-unions and Company picnics.

Suitable Locations

Outdoor parties can be held in various locations depending on the space and convenience. You should always have a plan-B incase the weather wrecks havoc on the d-day.

Outdoor parties can be held in:

• Your own front or backyard.

• At a parking lot

• At a park or playground

• At a lake or river

• At the beach

Outdoor Party Themes

A theme will provide focus and bring together all the aspects of the party. Some theme ideas for outdoor parties include:

• Mexican fiesta

• Hawaiian Luau

• Traditional barbecue

• Pirate theme for beach parties

• Garden theme for picnic parties

• Presidential themes for fourth of July parties

Food Safety and Storage

Safe food handling is an important aspect of outdoor parties. Place cooked food on clean plates. Avoid placing foods on plates that were used to transport meat or sea food. Perishable dishes should be eaten cleared during the function if there no cold storage facilities to store them.

Cold food should be stored at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below and hot foods need to be kept above 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mayonnaise has high acid content from the lemon juice and vinegar that makes it. It does not contribute to food poisoning contrary to popular belief. It actually reduces bacterial growth in food. Foods such as eggs, potatoes and meat when combined with mayonnaise are what spoil quickly.

Take out meals should be consumed within three hour of purchase. Otherwise they should be chilled well before packing in coolers.

You should discard leftovers that have sat out for more than two hours. This is largely due to hygienic reasons.

Carry lots of water for the guests. Pour out a small amount of water from bottles before freezing to allow for expansion.

Night time Outdoor Parties

You can string tiny white lights in a few trees around the garden to create an enchanted look.

Use citronella candle pots or torches to make the party more special. These are both practical and beautiful. They keep away bugs with their distinct smell and also look great.

Steps and steep paths should be well illuminated to prevent mishaps from occurring.

Outdoor Party Tips

• Paper plates can be reinforced by taping down solid color plastic plates with double stick tape.

• Caution female guests not to wear spiky heels to an outdoor event.

• Make sure there is ample seating for ill or elderly guests. You can hire a small party tents to provide shade for those who need it.

• Always locate food stations, guest seating and reception lines in the shade. You can hire a canopy tent or marquees if necessary.

• Ensure you carry sunscreen and mosquito repellant spray.

Early planning is important for the success of the outdoor party.

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