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Moonstone Sleeping Baggage – Previous Is Nonetheless Gold

Moonstone Sleeping Bags - Old Is Still Gold

Moonstone Sleeping Bags – Old Is Still Gold

In spite of being around for almost four decades, Moonstone still holds the firm position as the industry leader of the sleeping bag segment. It owes its consistent performance to its innovation habits resulting in the production of most comfortable, synthetically insulated or down-filled sleeping bags for its customers.

Moonstone sleeping bags have a very versatile usage considering the fact that not only they can be utilized in wet and dry environments, they offer warm comfort and high-compressibility for lightweight packing as well.

Such excellent performance is possible only because moonstone takes care of every small detail that goes into making a good sleeping bag. This is primarily the reason that almost all the hikers and campers depend on moonstone for their sleeping bag needs.

Every great company’s accomplishments are built on a noble mission. Moonstone found its inspiration in the Northern California’s mountain rescue teams needs for excellent sleeping bags essential for rescue operations in wet coastal climatic conditions. It is that endeavor that has led to the company Moonstone is today.

Before the Moonstone era, hikers and campers mainly depended either on synthetically insulated or down-filled sleeping bags. However, moonstone provided them with much needed half synthetic insulation and half goose down comfort that changed the world of outdoor camping gear forever.

Goose-down normally looses its insulation ability in wet conditions, thus it is not suitable for rainy or humid terrains. Moonstone cracked this limitation effectively and brought sleeping bags that had synthetic insulation at the bottom (which takes care of wetness) and natural goose down filled on the upper surface. This concept gained instant acceptance from hikers and campers all over the world as they could safely rely on a sleeping bag that would not get wet due to uncertain weather conditions.

Excellent wind and water resistant fabrics go into the shell construction of Moonstone sleeping bags. In the interiors, you can find ultra-light fabrics rendering much desired comfort and warmth for hikers and campers.

Sleeping bags from Moonstone also boasts of attractive features like glow-in-the-dark zippers (this is a blessing when one gets the urge for natures call in the middle of the night), hoods, good length draft tubes and many more.

People who have used the Moonstone sleeping bag even once consider it great value for money and vouch readily for its superior quality and comfort.

Moonstone is known for its research and development programs that leave no stone unturned in venturing into technological domains no other company would dare, just to make their sleeping bags little more better for their customers. Some of these adventures have led to innovations like in-built sleeping pads and detachable hoods that have made life easier for hikers and campers everywhere. Devoting its energies to develop serious products targeted at serious camping and hiking enthusiasts has made Moonstone the world-class company it is in its domain.

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